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Here are our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers.
If you have any questions not answered here, PLEASE DO CONTACT US.

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About our rooms

What’s included in the rent?

Utility expenses such as electricity, water & gas are included (Up to 60,000 won/person). We also provide Internet connection at no additional cost. You don’t have to go through the trouble of applying for these services.

Are rooms furnished?

Partly, yes. There’s a bed with linens (bed cover, sheets, and pillow) in every room type. In private rooms, basic furniture like a desk, chair, and clothes hanger is provided. In dormitory rooms, a small cabinet(locker) is provided individually for your valuables, and clothes hangers.

Are rooms equipped with air conditioners?

Yes, all rooms are equipped with an air conditioner. You can stay comfortably at HK Sharehouse all year round.


For reservation

I haven’t received a confirmation. What should I do?

In case you are not receiving any confirmation email within 24 hours after your booking, please reach us at for a follow up. Thank you

What else do I have to pay?

There is no additional payment needed except deposit, rent, and maintenance fee.

I would like to take a look at the room. Can you arrange a viewing?

Yes you can take a look at the room first. Just contact us to arrange the schedule for viewing. But please be aware that it’s first come first serve in terms of reservation.

How long is the minimum rental term?

Our minimum rental term is just 1 month.

I’m planning to go to Korea in 6 months. Can I reserve a room now?

Yes, as long as the room availability and your move-in date meets, you can make a reservation.

Is it possible to reserve a room from overseas?

Yes. As we confirm the availability, a reservation can be made by simply paying the deposit of 200,000 Won by Bank transfer or Paypal.


During your stay

Do I need to inform HK Sharehouse before I move out?

Yes, it would be perfect if you could tell me your move-out date as you move-in, but if you are not sure of your move-out date, I can block your room from other reservations for the meantime. But you will have to tell me at least 1 month in advance if you plan to move out.
In case you give me a short notice, 1 month rent will be charged from the day you have informed me.

My friend is coming to Seoul. Can I let her / him stay in my room?

This would depend on the room types and booking situation.
Of course if you are using dormitory room with vacant bed inside, that would not be a problem. The rate would be around 10,000~20,000KRW per night.

Can I smoke in the room?

For safety reasons, smoking is prohibited indoors, including toilets and living room. When smoking outside, please show consideration to others by properly disposing of cigarette butts.