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10 Date Spots If You’re Dating in Korea (1)

10 Date Spots If You’re Dating in Korea (1)



  1. Seoul Forest

10 Date Spots If You’re Dating in Korea

This park was opened in 2005 and features a scenery of absolute beauty. With the growing number of buildings in Seoul, one can feel trapped and confined inside the city. That’s what makes Seoul Forest such a welcome breath of fresh air. You and your date can walk around the featured 5 parks and escape the commercial realities of life for one moment.

Location : Seoul Forest Station via Bundang Line, Exit 3 (5min-walk)



  1. Ice Skating

10 Date Spots If You’re Dating in Korea

If you want to skate like Kim Yuna, this is a great place to practice, and it’s great for some fun leisure time with your date! It is located in the heart of Lottle World, an amusement park in Jamsil, Seoul. A great time would be to do this in the morning since a lot of people come to this place every day. It’s even busier during the holidays.

Location : Jamsil Station via Line 2 & 8, Exit 4 (This place is directly connected with the station.)



  1. Sky Rose Garden

10 Date Spots If You’re Dating in Korea

You will hit the jackpot for sure by showing off your loved one this sweet date spot! In fact, you can hit 2 birds with 1 stone because this garden lies on top of a movie theater – but not just any movie theater! The ‘Sky Rose Garden’ is located on the 8th floor of the Daehan Cinema, one of the first movie theaters of Korea. So once you finish watching a movie and get on the elevator, don’t press the 1st floor! Hit the 8th floor and head up to the majestic Sky Rose Garden! You can check out the many types of roses that the Sky Rose Garden has to offer. We recommend you check out this place during the evening, just when the sun is about to set.

Location : Chungmuro Station via line 3, Exit 2 (right in front of exit 2).



  1. Namsangol Traditional Folk Village

10 Date Spots If You’re Dating in Korea

This place has been a protected village since the time it was built. The site shows an extraordinary diversity of Joseon-type homes. You have the chance to build different potteries, handcrafts, and experience playing traditional Korean instruments. Also, you can get married here the traditional Korean way – if you have time 🙂

Location : Chungmuro Station via line 3 and 4, Exit 3



  1. COEX Aquarium

 10 Date Spots If You’re Dating in Korea

If you love beautiful sea life, make sure you and your date check out the COEX Aquarium. This aquarium features 90 exhibition water tanks and has about 600 species and 40,000 different oceanic fishes. The tanks are divided into 6 different sections and are viewed in a tunnel like atmosphere.

Location : Samseong Station via Line 2, Exit 5 or 6 (These are connected to COEX MALL. At the end of Ocean Walk is the Aquarium.)




10 Date Spots If You’re Dating in Korea (1)

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