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10 Date Spots If You’re Dating in Korea (2)

10 Date Spots If You’re Dating in Korea (2)


  1. Jamsil Baseball Stadium

10 Date Spots If You’re Dating in Korea

Baseball season in Korea is from April to November, so you will have many opportunities to watch a great baseball game in Korea. This place is full of excitement and is loud (very loud!). While you watch the game, grab a beer to loosen things up and buy a hotdog from the many vendors in the area. It’s a great place to go for a date if you like to just sit, relax, and watch a game with your date. Also, they have ‘Kiss-cams’ for an awesome way to top off your date.

Location : Sports Complex Station via Line 2, Exit 6 or 7



  1. Ssamziegil Underground Workshop

 10 Date Spots If You’re Dating in Korea

There are many hidden alleyways and cafes in Insa-dong. If you look hard enough, you will find the Ssamziegil underground workshop. You and your date can learn how to design different Korean crafts like cups and dishes, rings, and cell phone accessories. You can also make Hanji (Korean traditional paper) crafts like jewel boxes and paper lamps. You can then customize these with whatever drawings you would like on them, such as your lover’s name!

Location : Anguk Station via line 3, Exit 6 (Enter the Insa-dong one-way street of Crown Bakery & GS25, and go straight 100m.)



  1. Hangang Banpo Bridge

10 Date Spots If You’re Dating in Korea

A walk along the Han River gives you a view of the world’s longest bridge fountain. The bridge’s Rainbow Fountain runs along each side of the 570-meter bridge, and, in action, the nozzles spray an impressive 190 tons of water per minute. All shows last about 20 minutes and during daytime shows, the fountain forms various figures, while at night, rainbow-colored lights illuminate the water.

Location : Express Bus Terminal Station (Lines 3, 7, 9), Exit 8-1 and 8-2 or Dongjak Station (Line 4), Exit 1 and 2



  1. Doggie Café

10 Date Spots If You’re Dating in Korea

It is usually a good idea for you to visit to the Bau House Café, where playful dogs of all shapes, sizes and smells keep you company. The café’s dogs love to make new friends and will probably crowd around you when you first find your table, but they’ll quickly calm down, leaving you and your date to seek out your favorites. Coming here on a first date is an especially good idea because you won’t have to break the ice – the dogs will do it for you.

Location : Hapjeong Station via Line 2 and 6, Exit 3 and 4



  1. Seoul Race Park (Let’s Run Park)

 10 Date Spots If You’re Dating in Korea

If you want to show your date that you’re sophisticated, there’s nothing quite like watching a professional horse race. It’s actually outside the Seoul city limits but still conveniently located on a subway line. The park holds races on most weekends and is one of the few opportunities for legalized gambling in Korea. Getting in won’t break the bank, but don’t get too carried away when the racing starts.

Location : Seoul Racecource Park Station via Line 4, Exit 2 and 3





10 Date Spots If You’re Dating in Korea (2)




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