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2 Ice Cream Joints you must try this Summer!

2 Ice Cream Joints you must try this Summer!

With Summer here and the humidity making doing anything a choir. Ya better find ways to cool off and feel less sticky. Ice cream is always a trustworthy source to keep you cool and make your palette do a little dance. While you are wandering around Seoul, you will want something cool inevitably, so here are some recommendations for you to consider.

Maybe you know Baskin & Robbins and Café Natuur, maybe you don’t. They are good places for sweet conventional ice cream and cakes. The current trend for ice cream in South Korea is tiramisu ice cream anything.

Kiss The Tiramisu

IMG_1079This is very nice tiramisu even though the queue can be quite long at times. Locals and tourists highly recommend it. One glass of this tiramisu ice cream is about 4,900won. You can find this place in Hongdae in the center where all the crowds gather and walk around looking at clothes and accessories. Not far from Cocoon nightclub and the park where everyone likes to party and hangout at night time. Expect quality service, delicious ice cream and a wait!

Fell + Cole Hongdae

Decisions Decisions Decisions! It is gonna so hard for you to choose which flavour to eat after you arrive and look at the selection on display. If though Fell + Cole’s gastronomic, small-batch branding might seem like pretentious hipster puppy fluff, try to just overlook that and delight in the actual taste. Its that amazing. Expect distinct tastes, with the liquors enhancing the creamy texture. The creator is akin to a mad scientist who’s creative genius gives us adventurous flavours that without fail will blow you away. You can find Fell + Cole in Hongdae and Itaewon. Go check it out.

If you have other ice cream joints to recommend and wanna share. Drop us a comment!

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