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25,550 LED roses blossom in Dongdaemun Design Plaza

25,550 LED roses blossom in Dongdaemun Design Plaza


Here cool place for your date or travel. You can see 25,500 LED roses at the rooftop garden of DDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaza).


Then why 25,550 roses? It is result of 70 times 365. 70 is to celebrate Korea’s 70th years since independence. 365 has meaning that we enjoy everyday of a year, 365 days like festival.


This special LED roses create a romantic mood just like in your favorite romantic TV dramas or movies. This is why this place is so popular among couples. But it is good place to visit with family and friends, too.







LED roses lit up after sunset to 10 P.M in everyday of a week while it closes when the weather is rainy or snowy due to safety matters.

Fall in love with the special romantic LED roses to make the night even more special.


But, if possible, try to avoid visiting there on the weekend! You’ll see more many people than roses.

This event lasts to February 29 of the next year.

For more information, visit DDP webpage:

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