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3 Enticing Things to do in Chuncheon

3 Enticing Things to do in Chuncheon

The countryside small city of Chuncheon is only 45 miles from Seoul and is a bustling area of local and foreign tourists looking to explore Korea’s more scenic side. While it’s surrounded by gorgeous mountains, the charms of Gangwon-do’s capital are not made by Mother Nature. Its shimmering lakes are created by dams, the fiery chicken dish dakgalbi, and Chuncheon was the location where the enormously popular TV drama Winter Sonata was shot. Nevertheless, it’s a good base for outdoor activities and its proximity to Seoul makes it a popular weekend getaway.The Gyeongchun Line runs from Sangbong Station and its your transport of choice to get to Cheoncheon. The Subway leave every 15 minutes or so, and takes around an hour to get to Chuncheon. And a little less to get to Nami Island since the stop for Nami Island is Gapyeong Station.

Nami Island:3 Enticing Things to do in Chuncheon

Although there is very limited number of activities to do, Nami Island is very nice to visit when you have limited time on your hands. The island is on the small side but beautiful nonetheless. There is a small train you can take to go around the island. It is only a quick 30 minute ride but it is nice for an overview of the island. The ferry ride to and from the island was also very comfortable. Open floor, air conditioned and not too crowded depending on the season naturally. A truly fantastic island for sightseeing, A must do for anyone visiting Korea for the first time.

The island has a great mixture of natural and man-made attractions to grab your attention. You’ll see tons of animals such as black squirrels, ostriches, and peacocks to name a few. There are lots of food shops so you can snack on dishes to your hearts content . Rent a small bungalow so you can spend the night on Nami Island. I would highly recommend it so you can partake in all the attractions on the island as well the water activities across the river.

Gangchon Rail Park:

You might have to book in advance to make sure to you can enjoy this attraction. Just be aware of that from the get go. The landscape is amazing and it is what makes this rail park special. The bike can go really fast at times and it can be so much fun! You can keep riding back and forth until your time is up. We did only one loop as we were really tired from the whole day of tour but I can see other people going round and round. Definitely recommended! It’s also very reasonably priced. The Rail bike can only be booked by Korean so if you cannot speak Korean, please make sure to get a Korean friend or the reception in your hotel to help you out. Also you can join local tours or ask local tours operators to book the tickets for you instead. There are 2 people bikes and 4 people bikes. The track is about 8 km in total length and not strenuous. A perfect way to enjoy the summer breeze. The whole trip lasts about 1 hour, a train will take you to the station after you finish up at the rail park.

Myeongdong Dakgalbi Street:

After you finish up with your visit to Nami Island, take a taxi to Myeongdong Dakgalbi Street. It takes 20 minutes by taxi . There you have lots of restaurants to choose from and I bet you will be smelling dakgalbi all the from the street gate. The dish itself is very deliciously and  unlike the ones in Seoul that are covered in melted cheese, the dakgalbi restaurants in Chuncheon make use of the original recipe which is more traditional. Before your meal, you can wander around the “Romantic Market” to work up an appetite as the servings in each of the restaurants are huge. Most restaurants are priced pretty much the same so be smart and  choose where to eat by looking at where most of the people tend to gather are. Or, where the staff are more friendlier, which can also make a difference when looking to have a delicious meal.

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