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4 sightseeing trains to ride in Korea

4 sightseeing trains to ride in Korea

For any first timer, Korea seems to be a very nice place to visit. However, when you visit more than once, you will be complaining that there’s not much for you to see anymore. For those who always come back to Korea and likes a different kind of adventure, you should definitely book one of these 4 sightseeing train tours every time you come to this country!

1. O-Train

Dynamic Korea

The O-Train was designed with the theme of the four picturesque seasons of Baekdudaegan, Korea’s biggest and longest mountain range that stretches from Baekdusan Mountain to Jirisan Mountain. This train consists of family seating as well as individual observatory seating. The train is well-equipped with various convenience facilities including a café, children’s play area, toilets, etc.

Sightseeing monitors installed throughout the train show the view from in front of the train as it runs along the tracks in real time.

2. V-Train

Gracing Korea

The V-Train travels through remote mountainous areas of Gangwon-do and Gyeongsangbuk-do. While traveling through the valleys on this train, you will discover sites that still preserve scenes from the 1970s and ’80s. Thus, the train’s interior has been decorated in retro style, with props like charcoal stove and incandescent lamps that were usually used in the 1970s.

To provide clear view of the cliffs and valleys along the ride, the train walls, excluding ceiling, have been made from glass windows. Passengers can open and close the windows as they please to let in fresh mountain air.

3. Sea Train

Seoul Mate

The Sea-Train (S-Train) is an ocean-facing train, which runs along the coastline of the East Sea. The Sea Train presents unobstructed views as the windows are larger than the standard trains. Passengers won’t be bored as the train puts on motion sensing games and music that can be enjoyed through the monitors inside each compartment. Non-Korean speaking tourists can easily join in by following the motions of the passengers around them. Who knows you might even receive a surprise gift from the DJ!

4. G-Train

Ask Kpop

The Seohae Golden G-train, is the world’s first train with “ondol” rooms, Korea’s floor heating system. The route of G-train is designed for travelers stopping by major tourists sites such as Asan Oncheon Hot Spring, Sudeoksa Temple, Namdanghang Port, Daecheon Beach, National Institute of Ecology (Seocheon), Gunsan Modern History Street, and Iksan Jewelry Museum. These seven top tourist spots are nestled along the west coast, and for convenient access, the train will make stops in Asan, Yesan, Hongseong, Boryeong, Seocheon, Gunsan and Iksan.

Also, passengers can relax their feet in a foot spa while sipping a cup of tea. Tickets for the foot spa and ondol rooms are available in the train café.

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