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4D: The Unique Movie Theatre Experiences

4D: The Unique Movie Theatre Experiences

With the weather finally moving on into Autumn, everyone will be looking for more things to do inside. A favourite for most is to go and watch a blockbuster on the big screen. And so 4D should be an experience worth your attention if you have yet to still experience it. 4D is a big deal in South Korea, here they have screenings of the biggest international and Korean blockbusters in 4D. The prices for a 4d experience are  a little higher than for a regular 3D or 2D experience, but its more than makes up for it when you want to experience the newest Marvel superhero movie in a more surreal way. Experience water vapor in your face, or your seat shaking and rocking during fight scenes.


Another great feature out there is the Sweetbox Seat, is a seat meant for couples, which doesn’t come as a surprise when you know that there is some many things to do in Korea that are couple friendly or couple exclusive. These seats will give you and your date a much more intimate movie going experience, as there’s a high separator to the seats next to you, while there being no armrest between the two of you. The cost is only slightly more than a normal ticket or there’s a sweetbox premium which offers a luxurious leather sofa with cushions and pillows. Please make sure to check which movie theatres have this service. It is still rather limited though.


Then you have this option which is called Starium and it is for the moviegoers that crave that massive screen, and Starium delivers that with the largest screen in the world measuring 31.4 meters in width by 13 meters in height. You can’t ask for much bigger really. And for any audio techies out there try to nit-pick the audio system.  To match the worlds biggest screen, there’s also 50 speakers to deliver an amazing audio experience. Starium is located in the Times Square mall, which is right beside Yeongdongpo Market station, Line 5, exit no.4.


Then you got the restaurant sans movie theatre. Cine de Chef is for those times you wish to enjoy an Italian or French meal while watching the latest blockbuster. Sitting in very comfortable electronic chairs, or in a luxurious couch if you’re a couple, The luxury is high with this one. With the price of a meal being anything between 30,000won – 80,000won, there is no space to err here. The theater is located in Apgujeong, so you should go to Apgujeong station on line 3. A great date idea if your missus is worth the effort. Ot


Another unique experience out there to try is the Veatbox Theater which has vibrating seats, and a design made to please even the most hardcore audio freaks out there. The seats are outfitted with speakers to give the moviegoer an even more thorough and immersive experience. Don’t fret though if it all proves too much for you, too powerful an experience for you, then there is a on/off button on the seat to turn off the speakers in the seat. Available at select CGV theatres.


Gold Class, is for those that seeks a more complete almost ultimate movie experience you might say? Designed to be like what you see in airline TV commercials, the seats are designed to be like what it is like to fly first class, there is really comfortable seating while you can enjoy from several types of beverages such as wine, beer and coffee. Not only that, there even also a lounge and a bar for you to enjoy. And even board games (though we are not sure if they add to the experience or take away from it, you can make up your own mind on that), or how about picking up a plastic gun and blasting away some zombies on the screen?Available at select CGV theaters.


The highly private cinema is found at CGV Chungdam Cine City. Which can take a group of up to 24 people for that ultimate “only me and my friends private cinema experience”. This place could even be considered as a great party location since it comes outfitted with bookshelves, couches and tables, it’s made to give a really luxurious and exclusive experience for your event or party. The red carpet is even rolled out for you before you step out of the elevator, to really give the high-class feeling.

Makes sure to double check if you are going to the right place for which ever experience you choose. Not all movie theatres here come installed with 4D features. If you need help at anytime make sure to ask your Korean friend for assistance. More than likely, they will be more than glad to help you out. As for me personally, I just got a whole lot more curious about the first class seating theatre since I am probably never gonna ride a plane in first class ever in my life. Go and see ‘Train to Busan’ in 4D or maybe the upcoming Marvel movie ‘Dr. Strange’.

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