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5 Good souvenir you can get from Korean traditional market

5 Good souvenir you can get from Korean traditional market


Seoul has several different traditional markets that all have its own flavor. In these markets, you can find traditional and unique goods with reasonable price. Here are 5 goods that you shouldn’t miss!


1. Body scrubs

scrubs1 scrubs2
This is actually a Korean version of a loofah that has extra rough ridges meant to scrub dead skin. Koreans tend to do this on a weekly basis for soft, clean skin. It cost around 2,000 won. This little scrub would have you silky skin.

However, if you are unfamiliar to use it, heading to the nearest 찜질방(Korean sauna) would be a good way. Ask staffs  for scrub, then, you can experience professional scrub!


2. Seaweed


Korean Seaweed which is called “Gim” is a must-thing to buy in Korea. Gim is made by toasting seaweed with sesame oil and salt. It is loved by Koreans and considered a staple side dish. Gim usually comes in packages of 6, 10, 12 or more. Gwangjang market is good place to shop Gim because there are a huge variety of different kinds and flavors, including beef flavored Gim.


3. Cookingware

dol sot3

dol sot1


metal chopsticks2 metal chopsticks

Dolsot Stone Bowls

If you want to have authentic experience, pick up a bowl to ear your bibimbap(비빔밥). These special stone bowls allow the rice to become a little crunchier and keep the food hot for a few minutes.

Metal chopsticks

Korea is the only country that uses metal chopsticks. They are more durable, hygienic and help your brain development. You can find that different designs and looks in markets.


4. Tteok(떡)


Tteok is one of the best traditional snacks that Korean love. It is chewy, flavorful and sweet. Tteok comes in a variety of flavors and textures. Some of the most popular Tteok are Songpyeon and Injeolmee.


5. Traditional craft

traditional craft

Not only foreigners, Koreans also visit traditional market to buy traditional art work. Colorful and elegant goods are good for present. You can feel Korea’s traditional beauty with combination of colors and patterns. Also, you can find various good like book mark, magnetic, key holder, coin purse, business card case.


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