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63 Building : The Golden Skyscraber on Yeouido

63 Building : The Golden Skyscraber on Yeouido

On Yeouido stands the skyscraper 63 building, which was the tallest building in South Korea when it opened. Built as a landmark for the 1988 Olympic Summer Games in Seoul, it now serves as a commercial building, though with entertainment for locals and tourists as well.


The 63 Building might be located in the heart of the financial district of Seoul, but that doesn’t mean it’s a dull place for tourists. The building offers plenty of entertainment such as Seaworld, IMAX Theater, Wax Museum and a skydeck.


Seaworld features a wide variety of sea creatures, from all around the oceans as well as freshwater fish. But you are also to catch a show, with some of the talented animals at the seaworld.

IMAX seoul1

IMAX you can watch some amazing IMAX shot films, on the massive IMAX screen. Which is bigger than what you will find in your normal theater, as well as a truly awesome audio experience powered by 8 speakers.


Skydeck, you will find one of the best views of Seoul, which isn’t Namsam tower (Seoul N Tower). It gives you a stunning view of the Han River, as well as the surrounding areas of the tower.


Wax Museum, Korea’s first wax museum. It might only feature 70 wax sculptures, which is little compared to more famous ones. But this is the only place in Korea, where you can experience wax figures of famous politicians, historial people and Korean celebrities.




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