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ARE YOU A GUN GEEK? – Experience air pellet gun shooting range in Seoul

ARE YOU A GUN GEEK? – Experience air pellet gun shooting range in Seoul


Experience air pellet gun shooting range in Seoul

I have never shot a real gun, but I have always wanted to try the feeling of holding one. And at this shooting range, I got a chance to try even three types of guns, including pistols, riffles and snipers! Although guns are not widely allowed in Korea, gun shooting is a kind of sports that is favored by many Koreans. You can experience both real bullet gun shooting or go with a safer option which is air pellet gun shooting in Seoul city. In fact, many Korean celebrities practice for their shooting roles in one of these ranges.

The one I tried named Real Shot Premium Shooting Zone. You can find their chains in Hongdae or Wangsimri station areas. This shooting zone offer two kinds of games, which are gun shooting and archery. I felt like I turned into a spy. The guns look and function 80% as real ones and are introduced as delivering the authentic shooting feelings and reactions. Despite the guns shoot plastic bullets, there are glasses to protect your eyes since the pistol is said to have very strong power. The staff was very friendly and enthusiastic in instructing how to fire every kind of gun. He also helped me checked and analyze the bullet holes on the target after every session in order to point out what I should improve for better shooting next time. It was an amazing experience for me and I definitely am going to do it again.

The facilities are quite new and clean. The shop offers nice interior as a military space. The price is also very reasonable. For guns, the price ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 won only per session, and for each session, you can fire around 24~32 shots depending on the type of gun you would like to try. I strongly recommend the snipers for those who have bad eye-sight as me, since it was really hard to see the target clearly when I shot the other two kinds of guns. If you are a fan of archery, it is only 8,000won for 14 shots, and 12,000won for 28 shots. You can also get a package of experience several kinds at once with only around 13,000won to 22,000won. I ended up getting a prize for effort, which is a very cute teddy bear of my choice. The staff also kindly gave me an ice cream before I left. So how about some thrilling experiences while training your skill one time at Real Shot shooting zone this weekend? ?

You can look up for their chains in several areas in Seoul by typing ‘리얼샷’ or check on their website:

The addresses in some main areas are listed as below:

  • Hongdae: Mapo-gu, Seokyo-dong, 364-17
  • Jong-no: Jongno-gu, Dongsung-dong, 1-56
  • Hanyang university: Seongdong-gu, Haengdang-dong, 4-36

Christie (ig: @bohogirl_christie)

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