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All you have to know about SNS product review campaigns in South Korea

All you have to know about SNS product review campaigns in South Korea




All you have to know about SNS product review campaigns in South Korea!



As social media(SNS) active users, it is essential to know about your potentials to influence your followers by good and interesting contents. If you like to share information and experiences to people around you, you would also make a lot of efforts to explore and discover new things to experience. However, the downside of great experiences is that they are not always free, and sometimes are very costly. For example, in order to start your career as a beauty blogger, at first you have to purchase many kinds of cosmetic products to try; and then you can gain popularity and trust from the audiences by sharing reviews and product evaluation. Therefore, for giving you some tips in your content sharing journey, I would like to recommend some of my favorite platforms that offer you diverse experiences for free or with just very little expense.




Due to the influence of SNS (Social media) in the 21st century, nowadays consumers pay more attention on contents posted online by ordinary users than traditional advertisements. As a result, many brands started to invest in gaining popularity by customers’ reviews instead of expensive ads made with models and celebrities. Especially, for small & medium companies, internet and social media are the best ways to approach customers. Following this social media WOM (words of mouth) marketing trend, many Korean companies create Giveaway campaigns which offer free product experiences in exchange of reviews from customers. However, since it is hard to promote giveaway campaigns with lack of online presence and engagement, a lot of companies sign up for experiential marketing agencies in order to send their products to customers for reviews. Therefore, getting to know these agencies will give you a chance to try various kinds of good products for free and share your honest reviews with your followers, friends and family! In this article, I will introduce some platforms that I often use to gain new experience and get materials for my contents.



Established in 2016, this platform offers both PC and app versions with the services in 7 countries including Korea, China, Japan, USA, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. Since this platform is very foreigner-friendly, you will not have any issue with language barriers and participating process. 0.8L (0.8Liter) posts at least 10 campaigns everyday including TRY FREE, TRY NOW with two types of experiences (products and service). TRY FREE means you can get the full-size product or service without any cost. And TRY NOW is similar but you have to pay for a very minimum fee as 3,000~5,000won. The products various from cosmetics to supplements, home décor, household items from average to big brands in Korea. Moreover, the great thing about this platform is that not only you can try products, there are also tons of free and cheap offers for food experience. There were many times I and my friend enjoyed Korean BBQ or a pizza combo for free. The only thing you have to do in exchange is to take photos and post your honest reviews on social media publicly. In that way, you can experience very cool products and have materials for your contents. Sounds too good, doesn’t it?

Aside from the 0.8L, I also use BrickC, which is a similar platform but require you to have a specific number of followers. This platform has less campaigns but still offer good products with the value range from 20,000~50,000won. If you are a micro-influencer or above, this is also a good option.

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