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These BBQ Restaurants warrant your attention

These BBQ Restaurants warrant your attention

This is for the meat junkies and Korean foodies out there. Korean BBQ refers to roasting beef, pork, chicken and other meat type in the Korean way. At the table, you can grill the meat on gas or charcoal grills that are built in. But some restaurants have portable stoves inside. Without doubt the most popular dishes are Samgyeopsal which is grilled pork belly, Bulgogi (불고기) is barbecued beef tenderloin and Hanu (한우). There is meat restaurants all over but to know which ones are the must visit ones can be a trail and error process if you don’t do some research beforehand. Obvious factors for a good time are the freshness of the meat, the price, customer service and if you drink alcohol then the freshness of the alcohol matters.

Give this places about to be listed out a chance when you got a craving for meat or remain undecided on where to have dinner with your friends or family. You can’t go wrong with these spots.

Daemyung Ggogi:

You can find this place in Sinchon (신촌) and it is easily one of the cheapest Samgyeopsal (삼겹살) spots you will find out there. A portion is about 4,000won. This spot is especially famous for its marinated samgyeopsal with two flavours available. You can get it either with doejang (soybean paste) or gochujang (red pepper taste). A great spot for those who are travelling on the cheap or if you are student who blew too much cash partying on the weekend out on the town. Plain samgyeopsal is around 3,000 and the marinated versions are 4,500won.4bacb658f964a52009063be3_1

Tong Tong Dwaeji (통통돼지):

The restaurant name literally means “Chubby pig” and again this spot is located in Sinchon. This spot is not only famous about the locals but even the Japanese have an affinity for this meat joint. It is not huge with only 6-7 tables on hand so expect a wait unless you’re lucky. Visitors to the restaurant have said the taste cannot be disputed. The staff will grill the meat for you, so sit back have gossip a bit with a beer in hand. They also have their own special brand of Pa-muchim which is a spicy vegetable salad and yukaejang (hot spicy meat stew). Both of these are free when you make your order. The samgyeopsal is about 11,000won but there is other stuff to select on the menu.ttong

Sandoemi Bulgogi (산더미 불고기):

You can find this place near to Sangsu Station (상수역). But you can also say its in the vicinity of Hongdae. The reason this place is popular and worth your attention is that the portions are huge like a mountain and the price doesn’t make you scoff. The Sandoemi Bulgogi is just 15,000won, Sandoemi Duruchigi (산더미 두루치기) is 7,000won and Spicy Galbi (매운갈비)is around 12,000won. The bulgogi options comes highly recommended.IMG_5599

Doma (도마):

So this spot is in Hongdae and is a rib barbecue restaurant. Famous for its narcotic (마약) soybean paste stew (된장찌개) which is said to be incredible. The menu is in the format of Set A or Set B which obviously has some discount benefits to it or you can order stuff separately. Over the peak hours expect a small wait if you plan to go here. Galbi: 13,000won, Set A is 17,000won and Set B is 18,000won. The meat is high quality and eating it medium rare is recommended.doma

Saemauel Sikdang (새마을식당):

This is probably the easiest bbq place to find since there is several branches all over the city. This restaurant has been going strong since 1970 and to this day still remains incredibly popular with locals and tourists alike. The main dish is Yeoltang bulgogi (spicy pork). It is thinly sliced meat that taste sweet and spicy, it can be very addictive. The 7 minute kimchi jjigae (김치찌개) is highly recommended. Seriously I can’t recommended it enough. It is very tempting to order it 2-3 times. Make sure to spread some seaweed over it and enjoy it with rice. Yeoltan bulgogi (열탕 불고기) is 8,000won and 7 minute kimchi jjigae is only 5,000won. So make sure to enjoy yourself here. Its pretty damn good.saemaul

Jeju Tamhari (제주탐하리):

Located near Gunja Station in Seoul and its really popular and offers Jeju Island geungogi (thick pork meat). In the past, naturally you would have to fly down to Jeju Island to try this dish but luckily these days you can just get the subway across Seoul to go and try this delicacy. A special dip is available for the pork barbecue. It ain’t cheap but the cuts of meat are thick, so it is understandable. 600grams Geungogi pork is about 39,000won and if you want to eat more, you can get another 400grams for 26,000won.jeju

Hwaegi-Ae-ae (화기애애):

Found in Gangnam, This is a great spot with a great atmosphere to boot. Famous for its fresh taste too. There is even a wine list for those who like a spot of wine with their BBQ. There is a chance to have some tea before you have the main course. There is a selection of over 10 different kinds of tea to choose from. Galbisal (갈비살) is 13,000won,  Portions for pork are as follows; for more than 2 people: 28,000, for more than 4 people: 41,000won and for more than 5-8 people: 61,000won.h1198297_z

Sipwonjip (십원집):

You can find “Sipwonjip” near to Jongkak Station. This place is a very long standing restaurant with over 50 years of history to its name. The unique point to this place is that the meat is grilled on a briquette. This spot is clearly beloved by many a people. Dishes start from 6,000won and up. The atmosphere is great, service is friendly and it is a good place to add to your travel checklist if you are a visitor to South Korea.sipwon

HBC Gogitjib (HBC 고깃집):

Located in the Haebangchon, a neighborhood nearby to Itaewon that is noted for its excellent service, atmosphere and overall quality. Though the name is a generic run of the mill name, this place is packed with locals and foreigners in pretty even numbers. The service is in English so don’t fret about language miscommunication. The restaurant only serves beef from America or Australia. That it is. The ribeye is to die for and the marinated beef and garlic beef are choco block with flavor. The side dishes are great and the alcohol is plentiful. Take note of this, On the 1st,3rd and 5th Monday of each month, there is a “All you can eat Rib eye special”, all you need to do is pay the 15,000won entrance fee and hang in there till you wave the white flag.hbc

We all love meat (nearly all of us) and sometimes we sacrifice quality in order to satisfy over growling bellies asap. But when you can be patient enough and don’t mind making the effort or wish to impress someone with your knowledge of meat restaurants around the Seoul area then this list is of use to you. Please for the love of yourself, don’t just end up at any random BBQ place. In most cases you will just end up annoyed by your hasty decision. For a little bit more effort, you can end up at a place worthy of your time and money, And while eating you can make all those silly noises they make when eating something on TV Korean food shows. Bon Appetite!


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