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Best 5 valleys in Seoul: Enjoy last summer

Best 5 valleys in Seoul: Enjoy last summer

Best 5 valleys in Seoul: Enjoy last summer


Songchu Valley(Mt. Bukhansan)



Songchu Valley is 3 km south of Songchu station and is easy to access. Consisting of 4km-long valleys, it has a swimming pool, a fishing spot and other facilities. Designated as a national park, the area is characterized by its beautiful natural scenery and three-tiered waterfall.

Uidong Valley


The valley between Bukhansan Mountain an Dobongsan Mountain is called “Uidong Valley”. One of the trails leading up to Bukhansan Mountain and Dobongsan Mountain also starts here. There are many nice restaurants around the valley.

Mt. Gwanaksan Valley


This is perfect place for those who want to have healing time in the middle of city. The valley is flat overall and has low level of water, so is safe for children.

Baeksasil Valley




The valley is a habitat to a diverse amount of animals, including salamanders, frogs, minnows, and crayfish which are indicator species of the clean water and a protected wildlife species of Seoul. The path along the area’s thick forest and natural valleys provides an excellent getaway.

Suseong-dong Valley



The valley is near Gyeongbokgung Station. So, you can make visit there just for walking and getting some fresh air. There is a very short, paved walking path that makes a pleasant loop through the valley. It once served as the natural source of Cheonggyecheon stream, as well.








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