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The Best Han River Park For Chillaxing

The Best Han River Park For Chillaxing

The Han River runs through the centre of Seoul acting as divide between North and South. There is quite a few parks scattered along the run of the river. All so that locals and tourists can take a breather from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets. There is several activities for one to enjoy. During the day time, you can ride a duck boat maybe, or ride a bike along the riverfront. At night, people normally go there to enjoy chicken and beer on the grass, or maybe exercise and play some sports. At thee Hangang Park you can enjoy in a variety of ways. Alone, with friends an so. It is all up to you.

Yeouido Hangang Park (여의도 한강 공원):

The Han River park is located towards the heart of Seoul, Yeoudio. This spot is home to broadcasting, politics, banking and the finance world. This park is very accessible by public transport. Either subway or the bus will bring you to the front of the park. There is year round events held at this park especially. You have the Cherry Blossoms in Spring, The Fireworks festival in Autumn and concerts too. Even marathons are held here at times. Well maintained natural areas like Bamseom and Yeouido Saetang Sanctuary which gives the visitor a great chance to learn about ecology and nature. Thanks to the Hangang Renaissance Project, from last year, a host of new attractions appeared at this park. For example; The water light park, waterside fountain, the waterside stage, festival land, the yacht marina and more. Rent a bike and go for spin along here. It’s the best, hands down.yeouido

Nanji Hangang Park (난지한강 공원):

An eco-friendly park which has great features such as Nanji Eco-Wetland, Nanji Campground and a marina. There is an area here dedicated area to extreme sports like inline skating and skateboarding. And a riverside swimming pool, a water plaza and even a stage for the singers and dancers among you. The campsite though is the reason most people go here. It has all the facilities and items you need with 24 hour shower facilities, tents for rent and BBQ grills. Open to anyone. You can check in to the camping site from 10.30am onwards. The price for an adult ticket is 3,750 won and a kid under 7 years old is 2,000won. If you bring your own tent then it would be 15,000won for 4 people for example. If you intend to rent a tent, make sure to make a booking online with Nanji Camping Ground.nanji

Seonyudo Park (선유도 공원):

Opened over 14 years ago. This park was long ago a purification plant. A beautiful island park in the centre of the Han River close to Dangsan Station. There is plenty of areas to enjoy a picnic there, Lots of green grass and if you come from Dangsan Station you must cross over a beautifully made rainbow style arched bridge. There is a Han River History Museum too for those who are interested geological features, the ecosystem and cultural heritage of the nearby area. Also a botanical garden is well kept at this park for those flower enthusiasts out there. There is seasonal flowers and plants being grown here. A beautiful park for a stroll.seonyudo

Ichon Hangang Park (이촌 한강 공원):

This park is located between Jungrangcheon Bridge and Wonhyo Bridge. Along the riverside you can see some beautiful flowers like Cosmos, Reed and Eulalie depending on the season, making it a popular walking route for people. There is plenty of things to do here. You got; Teen Square, X-Games Center, In-line skating, basketball court and a gate ball field. There is even a rafting area where you can raft in a rubber boat to the other side of the river. This is popular as a teamwork tool for students and office workers. Also that’s not the end of it either, there is Needleseom Island, A football class and water sports to enjoy here. Usually packed on weekends but it is great for cycling, hiking and strolling.ichon

Ttsukseom Hangang Park (뚝섬 한강 공원):

The highlight of this park is undoubtedly the music fountain. During high season, you can view this event 4 times a day with 1 show in the morning and 3 shows at night. Over the low season, there is only 3 shows, 2 at night with 1 in the morning. There is a hosts of sports facilities at this park. Windsurfing, bike roads, duck boats, X-game, football fields, tennis court, rock climbing to name just a few. There is a bike rental service available here too. 3,00won for a single bike and 6,000won for a couple bike. At night time too, this park is great for chilling out with a beer and some chicken to satisfy you appetite.ttseokseom

Gangseo Hangang Park (강서 한강 공원):

Found between Seoul and Gimpo, around the Gayang bridge. A park that has an eco wetland park and sports park. There is so many sports to try and enjoy at the sports park. There is plenty of parking spots out there for those with a car and about 6 drinking fountains. Might need to take public transport to get out to this park.kangseo

Mangwon Hangang Park (망원 한강 공원):

You can find this park between Wonhyo Bridge and Seongsan Bridge, close by to Mapo-gu. First off, this place is hugely popular night time view of the Seoul skyline. A wonderful park to relax and just sit still for a minute. There is plenty of activities for one to do here like windsurfing, water ski and motor boats. You also have a football field, a few basketball courts, some volleyball courts, tennis and badminton courts too. A great spot to for the fishermen and women out there. The bike road too here is great. A decent distance of 7km to traverse. The water steps are great for kids.mangwon

Banpo Hangang Park (반포 한강 공원):

This is the spot you see in those travel brochures, The famous moonlight rainbow fountain bridge show can be found here. This fountain bridge show is in the Guinness Book of Records for the being the longest. The reflection of light of the night river is a sight to enjoy truly. The show normally happens about 5-8 times over the day. On the weekdays though, there is only 3 shows at 12,00, 20,00 and 21,00. At the weekend, well basically just go there anytime around dinnertime to see the show. There is a football field and basketball court too for anyone wanting a game.banpo

Jamsil Hangang Park (잠실 한강 공원):

This park is found between Jamsilcheol bridge and Youngdong Bridge. Again this place has healthy amount of sport facilities to keep one on the move and active. And for those looking to relax and chill, here is great for enjoy a picnic. You can go here without preparing anything, there is several convenience stores nearby. Over the Summer, the outdoor swimming pool is highly popular and busy. The ticket price for an adult is just 5,000won. Open from 9am to 8pm. A great spot for cylists and drunks both. Have yourself a great time.jamsil

There is still many more park beside the Han River that are worth checking out and relaxing in for some times. Walk around, walk far, walk less, Just keep you eye out for spot that offers you the best chance to chillax.

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