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Best Things To Do In Seoul On A Rainy Day

Best Things To Do In Seoul On A Rainy Day

Best Things To Do In Seoul On A Rainy Day


Sometimes it just cannot be helped. You are visiting a country and you find your daily activities dependable on the weather. Usually we’re thankfully not talking about a natural disaster, but simply rainy weather. In the case of Seoul, and Korea as a whole, this is an especially highly possibility during the summer when the monsoon season strikes. For those days when you may not want to find yourself outside for too long periods at a time, it is great to have some alternatives so the day won’t go to waste. Here are our best suggestions for how to spend a rainy day in Seoul!


This is the iconic combination of drink and food that Koreans like to have on a rainy day. So why not assimilate into the culture a little bit and try it for yourself? There are restaurants all over the city specializing in this dish, with diverse offerings on the type of makgeolli, from regular to honey, and even with specialized versions of the traditional jeons, the ones with cheese on top especially delicious.



As this shopping mall is almost directly connected to the subway, you will hardly have to be outside to get there! On top of the shopping and the food, they have an aquarium as well as a movie theater, providing plenty of activities for the day. Lotte World Mall and Times Square are nice alternativities with great shopping and movie watching options as well.



This is a popular and famous non-verbal Korean performance that has been running for a long time now. It is a fun show, with music incorporated with cooking, and there is audience interaction and participation offered as well.



There’s no time to mope around on a rainy day! Instead, spice up your museum going experiences by grabbing a friend and taking them to the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae. It’s an interactive museum where you will want to take a ton of quirky photos of yourself with the installation. Easily an activity that you can spend hours on! And perhaps the rain will have stopped once you’re done?



Korea has a massive café culture, and a rainy day is the perfect opportunity to get more closely acquainted with it. Do you want to indulge in interesting looking but delicious desserts? Do you want to sit in a café with beautiful interior? Or perhaps you would like to pet an animal? All of these are possibilities within Seoul!



While it does have a good amount of rides outdoors, it also holds the top spot for the biggest indoor amusement park in the world. There’s definitely a ton to do there, and the unfortunately long queues alone will keep you busy for hours and hours. Stop by the Lotte World Tower mall for dinner after you’ve gone through all the rides to maximize on the fun of the day.



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