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Blast summer heat: Korean Summer Food

Blast summer heat: Korean Summer Food

Currently in Korea, the temperature begins to reach over 30 degree. And many food to beat summer heat are making their appearance. Here are 4 foods for healthy and cool summer.

1. Samgye-tang


Samgye-tang is ginseng chicken soup which is packed with nutritious ingredients, it is widely known for its restorative power. The dish is prepared by taking a young chicken and stuffing it with garlic, rice, ginger, licorice root, and other herbs. The ingredients are then boiled together. This food typically prices between 10,000 and 13,000 won, quiet expensive yet it will definitely boost your energy.

2. Naengmyeon



Naengmyeon can be divided into two kinds: mulnaengmyeon and bibimnaengmyeon. Mulnaengmyeon is a dish of cold noodles which is served with a thin coat of ice, pieces of beef, slices of pear, a style of kimchi, and a few drops of mustard sauce and vinegar.

Bibim Nangmyeon is served up as mixed with spicy and thick red pepper sauce.

Naengmyeon, a buckwheat noodle dish, is one of the most beloved summer foods in Korea.

3. Kong-guksu


Kong-guksu is noodles in cold soybean soup. The soup is made by soaking cooked soybeans in cold water and then grinding them up with a millstone. For taste, you can add some sugar or salt.

4. Bingsu




Bingsu is still very popular in Korea in the summer and can be found in almost every cafe. Bingsu is a dessert made of ice chips, fruit, rice cake, sweetened milk, and fruit syrup. Rather than just the original pat-bingsu, a wide array of bingsu like sweet red bean bingsu, fruit bingsu, mango bingsu, green tea bingsu, and coffee bingsu has become more popular these days. Sulbing, Meal Top, Cafe Bene and Lga are some of popular brands for great bingsu.

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