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Find peace of mind : Bongeunsa Temple

Find peace of mind : Bongeunsa Temple

Find peace of mind : Bongeunsa Temple




This Buddhist temple in Seoul is in Samseong-dong, Gangnam, in the center of down town and the most modern area in Seoul.



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All the building surrounding the Temple just make of it a perfect getaway without having to go far. It gives you a very peaceful feeling and it might leave you speechless with so much beauty. It makes you realise it is possible to find peace of mind and face nature, even in the middle of a bunch of buildings and cars.

Wonderful pictures can be taken there!



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In the back of the temple you will find the large statue of Buddha and the Bongeunsa Park area is just very lovely to be.

Especially in the fall, the colors are absurd. So pretty, with a pool of leaves in the floor and every other leaves still up changing colors and slowly falling. Just really nice to witness. There are a few benches over there and from the park you may see the Buddha from different perspectives.

Every September 9th of the lunar calendar, the Buddihist ceremony “Jeongdaebulsa” is held here, where monks march carrying  sculptures on their heads and recite the buddhist rites.



temple stay2 temple stay1

The temple also offers the “Temple Stay”, where you can experience a two day (1 night, 2 days) program living the daily monastic life. You can also enjoy the “Temple Life”, which is a 2-3 hours of brief introduction to Korean buddhism.



To get there you go to Samsung Station (Subway Line 2), get off at exit 6 (walk straight until next large intersection and turn left). It is located in the other side of the road of north gate of COEX building.



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