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The Burgers Which Deserve Your Money

The Burgers Which Deserve Your Money

Burgers are the food of Gods (after pizza though). This slice of meaty goodness with the multitudes of extras you can add to it. It is truly like a party in your mouth. For me, A thick burger with fried onions, mushroom and burger sauce when done right can send me into Euphoria. In Seoul, finding that kind of burger is rare. You have to be very vigilant which where you decide to eat your burger. So for whenever you are craving a bit of greatness, this list needs to be referred by you.

Chili King (칠리킹):

Located by Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon, this great burger joint gets lost in the crowded out street full off restaurants. But it easily one of the best burgers in the area. Found by Shenanigans on the 2nd floor. There is plenty of seats for everyone too. The menu is quite big with burgers, sides and salads for your choosing. There is also draft beer, cocktails and wine available in their stocked bar. The atmosphere and the owners are known to be very friendly. Don’t not leave without trying the hot sauces. There is 17 different burgers on the menu. You got the fireball which is pepper jack, angry onions, hot sauce and chipotle mayo), and the King Kev (3 patties, salami, bacon, cheddar, provolone) and of course you always the got the classics to rely on. Burgers start from 13,000won to 25,000won. Sides are from 7,000won to 10,000won and salads are similarly priced. The fried pickles is worth a go.The Burgers Which Deserve Your Money

Burger B (Hongdae Branch):

A western style bar found in the heart of Hongdae. Known for their great burgers. The Ultimate BB Burger with French fries and a shot of milkshake. You have other burgers on the menu such as BBQ Burger, Miso Burger, Gorgonzola Burger, Cheese Burger, Bacon Cheese Burger and more. The variety of beer on offer too is quite pleasing. With Guinness on tap and other super tasty, thirst quenching beers on demand. There is also some great dishes like fried calamari, Machacha nachos, fish and chips, buffalo wings even. Just don’t believe the pictures in the menu. Items appear bigger on the menu. The Ultimate Burger is 15,000won. And other burgers range from 8,00won to 10,000won.burger b

Left Coast Artisan Burgers:

A gourmet burger joint, that some say is the best burger in Seoul. The patties, buns and everything in between is all homemade. Yeah, the burgers are fantastic but don’t skip their American style side dishes like ‘tatter tot nachos’, ‘fried pickles’ and ‘mac n’cheese’. The place is on the bigger side so getting a seat should require you line up outside. There is a bar too, great for a cocktail or beer. You can reserve a seat in advance of your arrival but not essential. You have classic burgers like the John Wayne Burger (bacon, bib sauce and onion rings), Juicy Lucy (cheese inside) or fried chicken with coleslaw are always in demand. There is also creative burgers on the menu for those wishing to taste something fresh which I will leave to your imagination. The galbi french fries are too die for. You also have fried pickles, polenta fries and more to dip your fingers into. Burgers go from 12,000won to 16,000won. Sides are roughly 5,000won – 6,000won. Beers and cocktails start from 7,000won to 10,000won. Oh, and the fries are all hand cut.leftcoast

Brooklyn The Burger Joint (브루클린 버거 조인트):

As the name makes obvious, this is a burger joint. They have a nice selection of burgers, some side dishes and their famous milkshakes. Found in Sorae Village, The joint itself is quite small and can get very hectic. But it is worth it to write your name on a list and wait it out a bit. Takeout is always an option too. The way to get here isn’t easy though to be honest. Public transportation is a bit away from it. Basically if you can find “Gourmet 494” which is nearby to Apgujeong Rodeo Station then that’s half the way there. The taste of the burger is said to be 100% guaranteed. Burgers are around 9,000won to 10,000won with 5,000won extra getting you a set. Sides range from 5,000won to 10,000won. The “cheese skirt burger” is definitely worth a try. And the “cream burger” too. Still reading?brooklyn

Jacoby’s Burger (자코비 버거):

An organ smasher if there ever was one. Found in Haebongcheon, This burger joint is for those who believe they can dominate a monster sized burger. Ordering is customized to exactly what you want to it. You fill out a form, adding any ingredient you wish. There is a bun selection of white or wheat bun, 8 different types of cheese to choose from, rosemary or garlic half-pound patty. Cooked to your liking also. Grilled or fresh onions, tomatoes or no and of course the option of bacon and eggs also to choose from. Remember though each extra topping is 1,000won extra. There is a vegetarian patty available too. Burgers start from 13,000won. Worth a try, even at least once.jacoby bur

Hand in Hand Burger (핸드인핸드버거):

Found in Hongdae, a few blocks ago from Hongik University. This tiny burger shop serves up delicious burgers, thick cut chips, onions rings and a choice of either a soft drink or draft beer. Ordering as set is a good idea but will cost you roughly 13,000won off the top of my head. The Original Burger is pretty plain I found, but the Cheese Burger is simple pure evil delightfulness. The melted cheese with fried onions is exactly what I need when my mood is down. The open kitchen style of the place is a welcome sight. And yes seating is limited but the atmosphere is very welcoming to everyone. The interior is simple and actually its a pro in the case. The burger comes out fresh and hot, so don’t burn your tongue before you get to enjoy the juicy sight in your hands.handinhand

Alley Burger:

As soon as you arrive here, you will notice the bright yellow sign that sticks out like a sore thumb among the Galbi restaurants. The owner of this restaurant makes each burger with the knowledge of what is expected of a great burger. He acquired the taste for burgers on his travels while a member of the national snowboarding team. All patties and sauces are made fresh in the kitchen. You can’t argue with that when a burger is around 5,000won. If you are looking to try a Korean style burger, then give the ‘Mother’s special bulgogi sauce’ on your burger.alley

Gilbert Burger:

Gilbert Burger has its followers. You can find this spot in Garusogil, near Sinsa Station. Its found under Ace Pizza Club in the basement with only a simple green neon sign to attract the customer. With great service and a great burger on the menu, you would be hard to find reasons not to try this. The Mr.President Burger is thee burger among burgers, at 9ounces. The atmosphere inside is more akin to a pub thanks to the dim-lit setting but its all very welcoming. The standard burgers range from 9,500won to 12,000won with cheeses to choose from like pepper jack to sharp cheddar. The toppings are as expected in any burger place and they keep them quite fresh here. The sauces are inventive too. Remember the burgers alone cost 9,500won to 12,000won but if you wish to eat as a set then an extra 5,000won is needed. A dozen onion rings is around 8,000won which is a bit steep. You can go half and half with your fries and onions rings, if you wish.gilbert

Obviously there is other great burger joints out there. And maybe you know better, if so then recommend us some!

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