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Busan : Jagalchi Market, Gwangalli Beach and Spa Land

Busan : Jagalchi Market, Gwangalli Beach and Spa Land

Busan : Jagalchi Market, Gwangalli Beach and Spa Land




Busan is the second biggest city in South Korea, just after Seoul. It has the biggest beach of the peninsula, the longest river and also it is the biggest port city in the country.



Jagalchi Market

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The Jagalchi Market of Busan is the biggest fish market in South Korea, where you can see and buy fish and other seafood alive!!! Some of them it is possible to eat raw, like sashimi style or you can just take it to the second floor (they will lead you) of the market, and they will prepare it for you (cook or grill).

The fish prices will vary on the type and size, but most restaurant upstairs will charge about 5 to 8 dollars for the seat, preparing the fish and the “banchan” – sidedishes. If you really like seafood, it is a nice experience!



Gwangalli Beach



Gwangalli Beach is well known for its nice sand and clear water. It is a 1,4Km long and 64m wide beach, where you can rent yachts, enjoy water skiing, jet skiing, windsurfing and other exciting water sports. It has a nice view of the bridge, which gives you an idea of how the city and the ocean can coexist.




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Somewhere very special to go in Busan is the SpaLand. It is located inside the Shinsegae Centum City, the largest shopping complex in the world, in Haeunde.

Spaland is a “Jimjirbang” and that means a very common cultural thing to do in Korea, a place with a lot of sauna style rooms and baths. The Spa have the Jimjirbang area, with 13 theme rooms (each of them with a different temperature, including one cold room on 18 degrees and 22 different baths separating man from woman, since you get in the bath with clothes off).


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They also have small and big resting areas, one of which you can chill watching a movie or television. On the second floor, you will find a coffeshop, a restaurant, massage chairs that you can use under charge and different types of body threatmens that are also charged apart from the entrance fee.


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As soon as you get in, they give you a bracelet key that you should keep with you at all times. That key will allow you to: keep your shoes on a locker at the entrance, get in at the Spa (where they will give you a set of clothes and towels), keep your clothes and stuff in a bigger locker and also to buy drinks, food, charge for massage, etc.

Everything you spend in the key you will pay at the exit, so you don’t need to walk around with money.

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