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Time to travel history with the moonlight : Changdeokgung Palace

Time to travel history with the moonlight : Changdeokgung Palace



It’s Spring! and also it’s time to travel history with the moonlight.

Annually, Seoul hold ‘Moonlight Tour at Changdeokgung Palace’ event.

This year, the palace will have opening at night from April 1st to June 3rd.

This is the project for realization of palace and people can experience our past times.



<What is Changdeokgung Palace?>

secret garden2


Changdeokgung palace was built by Lee bang-won in Chosun dynasty. It was a secondary palace when they couldn’t use the main palace, Gyeongbokgung Palace during wartime.

One of the reason why Changdeokgung is loved by Koreans is its harmony with nature.  Meanwhile Gyeongbokgung has dignity and orderliness, Changdeokgung has natural beauty.

The palace was listed in UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register in 1997.


<How to participate in the event>

    moonlight tour 

*Reservation for Foreigner: Interpark ticket foreign page (

*Only 100 people available for each session. (Advance reservation is required)

*Entrance Fee: 30,000 won (2 tickets available per person)

*Period of event: from April to June





<Some Tips to enjoy Changdeokgung>

  1. Inside the palace is a little bit dark. Flash on your camera!
  2. You can use the toilet only one time after entrance. Visit public toilet before tour starts.
  3. Best attraction is Injeongjeon and backyard garden.
  4. Jujube tea and  Green plum tea is arranged before the traditional performance. Jujube tea is preferred!
  5. The performance is consisted of traditional dance-Daegeum master-Pansori-traditional folk song-fusion Pop song. And it gets better when it goes on.
  6. Total tour takes about 2 hours. The earphones for audio guide may not fit to your ears. Prepare your own one.
  7. Visit Insadong if you want after tour. You can enjoy Raw rice wine and Welsh-onion pancake.

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