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Refreshing your way to work or school on a budget


Living in Seoul, the biggest city of South Korea, you have to pay for so many expenses. And especially, when a coffee may cost nearly the same with a meal, getting a coffee or bubble tea after your lunch every day can hurt your wallet. If you always need a cup of Americano to wake you up in the morning, or sweet and delightful cups of bubble tea after your meals every day, here are some suggestions to save your budget!


  1. Coffee only ( 커피온리)

The name says it all. This coffee chain offer coffee for just 900won! They also have other takeout menu such as coffee latte, chocolate milk etc which are also very cheap. I always grab one cup on my way to Sukdae university area. Coffee only stores are located in many central areas in Seoul to serve you a refreshing cup of coffee anytime. They also have order machines so you won’t have to wait in line and the drinks usually come out in 3 minutes. Search for one near your house or workplace now so you can have Americano every day without worrying about your budget this month!







  1. Chayam Bubble tea 900won (차얌 밀크티)

If you are a bubble tea person, you cannot miss this chain. They only have 3 stores in Seoul but you will be surprised at how cheap and delicious it is for such a good price! You can enjoy a cup of bubble tea with original flavor, chocolate flavor or matcha flavor and so on with just 900won. If you want tapioca pearls, it would be +300won extra, but 1.200won for a cup of bubble tea is still very reasonable.  Also, you can choose the sweet level, which is so helpful for people who try to cut down sugar as me. They also have order machines and the service only takes 3 minutes even with many customers every day.




  1. 500won JUICE! Come to Juicy쥬씨

This is my favorite juice place in Seoul because of its diverse menu and fresh ingredients. Apple, banana, kiwi, avocado, grapes are freshly displayed in the store and the juice will be made after you order. The price starts from 1.500won to 2.000won for juice. They also have interesting mixed juice menu such as Dalba (Strawberry Banana), Manba (Mango banana), Aba (Avocado banana) which can please any taste. If you have no time to make your own juice and are desperate for some vitamin, I strongly recommend this chain. They also have many stores in Seoul, especially near office and school areas.




Some people say Seoul is one of the most expensive cities in the world. But in my opinion, if you try to explore as a local, live as a local, you can always find a way to save your budget by smart spending. Above chains are favored by Korean by their quality and reasonable prices. I hope after this blog, you would be able to find your favorite takeout café for your everyday routine.



Some information about me: Christie Pham

Vietnamese in Seoul for 3 years. ‘Experience, creativity and passion’ are my three words. I never hesitate to explore every corner of Seoul where not many people know about and share my experiences with everybody. As an expat, there is no more interesting thing than experience exotic and local things during your stay right? Check my Ig: bohogirl_christie for more food and travel information ^^


XT (Christie Pham)


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