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Costume photography in South Korea :: There is more than just HANBOK!

Costume photography in South Korea :: There is more than just HANBOK!

Costume photography in South Korea :: There is more than just HANBOK!

I understand the struggles of finding a concept for your new Facebook album or Instagram pictures, especially when you have free time during holidays but cannot afford a ticket for oversea travel. For most of tourists, it is very tempting to rent a traditional Hanbok and pose in front of Kyeongbuk-kung Palace. However, as a long-term expat in South Korea, don’t you wish to try something else other than just Hanbok albums in every season? This article might give you some new ideas!

Having three Hanbok albums during my 3 years living in Seoul, I can’t stop myself from searching for new experiences. And this 2019 Seollal holidays (Korean Lunar New Year), I finally found the chance to try on another old fashion style of Korea in the beginning of the 1900s, the Gyehwagi (개화기) fashion.

[Gyehwagi Fashion]

Gyehwagi (or Enlightenment period) in South Korea is from 1896 to 1910. This was the period when leading intellectuals attempted to reconcile the new ideas and models originating from the West, as well as from contemporary Japan and China. The reformulation of traditional concepts impacted fashion industry. Women in this period appeared on the street with European elegant dresses instead of traditional hanbok. However, these dresses still expressed the elegance and femininity of Korean women. I am so in love with this fashion because it looks more modern than an ordinary traditional Asian costume, but still contributes to the vintage old-style look for your  occasional photography.

[Jongro Boutique Costume Photography]

 So now if you are wondering where to experience this fabulous fashion, I could recommend the place I have been to. The name is Jongro Boutuqe (종로 부띠끄). It is located near Jongro-3ga station exit 7. The price was 30,000won for 3 hours and 40,000won for 4 hours of renting the dress. The good thing is you can try on 2 outfits of your choice and take selfies inside of the store without paying for any extra money. And if you wonder what is so good about getting only selfie pictures, you would be amazed by how they decorated the store. The indoor interior is also room style in the 1900s which is very vintage and warm. There are also tons of accessories like bags, necklaces, hats and gloves which you can also put on and take picture for FREE!! Also, you can have the professional photographer to take your picture by her camera indoor with just 10,000won extra. Amazing right?

You can find more information on their Facebook or Instagram:


  • TIP: They are quite new so sometimes they have promotion events as you can get up to 50% discount and free picture taken by photographer by posting your pictures and tag them on social media!



[Ikseon-dong village – Your outdoor studio]

 Korea amazed me with all of the old-style and vintage constructions as Han-ok villages and buildings. In the middle of modern apartment and office buildings, there are always streets or towns where you can take tons of cool pictures with the outfit. Ikseon-dong is also famous for Hanok (Korean traditional house) architecture and beautiful cafes. Every corner of this town is Instagramable! There were also many clothes, accessories shops with vintage style. From Jongro boutique, it only takes around 10~15-minute walk to this area. What is better than an outdoor studio for your Gyehwa style?

So this Spring 2019, maybe you can have a new album with another new experience of Korean fashion? Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any question 😉




Some information about me: XT (Christie Pham)

I’m a Vietnamese girl who lives in Seoul for 3 years. With the hobby of experience new things in South Korea, I never hesitate to explore every corner of Seoul where not many people know about. As an expat, there is no more interesting thing than experience exotic and local things during your stay right?


XT (Christie Pham)

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