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Dance Till You Cant Dance No More Best Clubs In Seoul

Dance Till You Cant Dance No More Best Clubs In Seoul

The heatwave has passed and while the nights are suddenly a lot colder compared to last week. This also means that it is way more fun now outside at night. Drinking and Partying are just so much more easier to do from this week on. And while all this is great news for everyone. If you are planning a night out on the town this weekend. You gotta know which clubs are gonna possess the traits you need to achieve that perfect night. Clubs in Seoul are mostly found in either Hongdae, Gangnam and Itaewon.  Each spot offers something different, If you like a young crowd, Hongdae is a smart choice, Gangnam is more for those with some money to blow and Itaewon is the multicultural hotpot. Each place is bound to offer you the chance for that unforgettable night!

Cake Shop (케이크샵):

A very cool hip hop club in Itaewon which is known for its policy of attracting international acts to have sets at the club who normally never play in Seoul. The club is only the small side but then it offers the clubbers a greater chance to be closer to the music. Also Korean celebrities are known to show up from time to time at this club. Keep an eye out if you are up to date on the who’s who of Korean celebrities. The entrance fee is between 10,000won ~ 20,000won which includes the price of one free drink but then obviously you will have a limited choice of alcohol to choose from. And drinks start from 6,000won. Chill vibes all round and considered by some to be one of the better clubs in Seoul.cakeshop

Club the A (클럽디에이):

This club is located near Gangnam in Yeoksamdong. This club was renovated a few years back and came with the new slogan of ‘Art in Music’. A really popular club that is know as the ‘after club’. Those who are up for the real party after 2.00am need to be here. There is famous DJs and music artists who regularly play here. So there is a good variety of music to enjoy for nearly anyone and the multitudes of music taste out there on the dancefloor. Celebrities readily rock up to this club and the so called ‘hot people’ are said to found here dancing and enjoying themselves. The price of admission is 30,000won. Make sure to check upstairs when downstairs get too a

Club Octagon (클럽 옥타곤):

This one is usually the one of the first clubs people mention when sharing info about the club to party at when talking with friends. The hippest electronica and house underground club in Gangnam. Again this club too is popular with celebrities. Even Jessica Alba visited this place a while back. With 60 VIP tables and 10 VIP rooms and a massive dancefloor. There is even a small swimming pool on site. Since Club Octagon operates a dining bar, lounge and club. There is different operating hours for each. The club goes from Fri/Sat 10pm to 6am. The lounge runs from normally 6pm t0 4am. And to 6am on the weekend. The dining bar open from 6pm and normally stays open to 2am and to 4am on the weekend. Admission before midnight is just 10,000won and after that it is 30,000won to get in. Tables are quite expensive and on Friday night you can get one for the small price of 660,000won with a 2 bottle minimum. On Saturday the prices rises to 990,000won with a 3 bottle minimum. Make sure to arrive by 11.30pm strictly to not get taken of the waitlist.octagona

Club Answer (클럽 앤써):

A club that has stood the test of time and the popularity test in Gangnam. The layout out the club means that the central floor feels more intimate. The interior of chandeliers, marbled floors and leather furniture gives this spot a whiff of high class. Answer has long been considered a top club in Seoul. Club Answer is known to promote public events and has worked with some famous DJs such as Benny Benassi and Paul Van Dyk. There is 2 floors with the 2nd floor being the VIP area. If you go with a group of friends, go and reserve a table for yourselves. Celebrities are known to frequent here from time to time. The music of this club is electronic. Sunday to Thursday, the entrance fee is 20,000won and on Friday and Saturday then it is 30,000won. This is a high energy club with decent table prices.answer

Club Ellui (클럽 엘루이):

Another hugely popular club in Gangnam. Announcing itself as the ‘finest venue ever’. First opened back in 2011. It has 3 different zones. Massive main, mirror zone for VVIP and sky zone for hip hop music. On the weekend a high volume of clubbers can be found here with an average of 2000 people coming through its doors. There is 10 big sized rooms and 100 tables. The price for the ticket on the weekend is 35,000won. The VIP table starts from 230,000won to 10,000,000won and the room is the most expensive of all, 1,000,000won to 10,000,000won. Like Club Ellui on Facebook to get free entry! A great starter club for the long night ahead.ellui

NB2 (엔비투):

An oldie on the club scene for sure but for good reason. You can see a whole bunch of clubbers waiting outside patiently to get into this club every weekend. A hip hop club that include hip hop from the 90’s recent electronic hip hop. You can find this club in Hongdae near the University. The entrance free on the weekdays is only 10,000won, Weekends are 15,000won. Cheaper than clubs in Gangnam for sure, so you can expect students to frequent here. The music is always upbeat. Sometime waiters are paid to get girls and bring them over to the VIP tables to chat with clients. It is especially crowded on Friday night.11142315_1380711342259449_932103666_n

Mama Gorilla (마마 고릴라):

Long a staple club on the Hongdae night club scene. This place is always hopping every Friday night. The slogan of this place is “We will hook you up with the buzz alcohol, music fun and of course crazy boys and girls”. And they stick to it mostly. Everybody is entranced with the music and absorbed in the moment fully. 6 shots of tequila is only 5,000won and a bucket of vodka orange is 8,000won but this is only during ‘Happy time’, which is at 9pm. There is 2 other sister clubs nearby to get in to. Papa Gorilla and Big Baby (only open on the weekends). After 12pm, its 5,000krw for girls to get in and 10,ooowon for guys to get in. A must for even just the atmosphere of the place. And with drink this inexpensive, what else can you ask for on a night out?PAPA19

B one Lounge Club (비원 라운지 클럽):

A hot club you can find in Itaewon. A landmark really. And you can see why once you get in the door. B1 is said to be the pioneer that created the lounge culture in Korean club history. At first it was only a small club but from 2013 it moved to a bigger venue with updated interior. The genre of music on offer is various. You got electronic, house, techno and more. It becomes a club on the weekends with admission around 10,000won to 20,000won. If you wish to make reservations at this place, you must be ok with putting down 160,000owon. Drinks start from 7,000won. Check it out this weekend.blounge

Obviously there is other clubs out there that suit other style and other tastes but for me this places stood out as wonderful clubs for having a great time, though some of these club are steep with the price of things, the amount of fun one can have is really really high! On to the weekend!

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