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DESSERT! Getting the sweetness of Seoul

DESSERT! Getting the sweetness of Seoul

DESSERT! Getting the sweetness of Seoul


Korea loves beauty. Fashionable clothes, trendy accessories, pretty cosmetics, glamorous shops, and of course, unique looking desserts! Let’s get a sugar overdose this week ?



Have you ever tried galaxy cakes? Yes, this tiny cheesecake looks just like a mysterious planet in the universe. And moreover, it’s delicious ♡. The cafe also pays attention to display. Reflective tables and walls combine with specially designed plates create colorful and mystical cakes for you to enjoy. The price is only around 4,000won.

Address: Cafe Tape, 63-5, Yongsan-gu, Itaewon






Digging up a plant to find some sweetness? That is totally possible in Korea! Come to Dessert Lab(디저트 연구소) to be amazed with a yummy chocolate cheese plant. Except for the pot(which is real), you can totally shovel this plant down to fill up the craving for sweets. I hesitated a bit when I saw this cake because ur looks so real. The shell of this cactus was made of white chocolate with the filling of cheesecake inside. The dirt-like cookie crumbles can also please your tongue with butter sweet chocolate flavor. You can also try the cute little peach cake together with various menu of drinks at this cafe. A perfect place for sweet dates in Seoul. Drinks are from 3,000~ 6,900won including smoothie, coffee, tea, latte and so on. There are various kinds of cakes starting from 8,900won to 10,900won.

Address: 332-32 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul (Hongdae area)






The next candidate for this sweet experience would be Butter Sweet beer from King Cross cafe in Hongdae. King Cross cafe is famous for its theme as Hogwarts in Harry Potter.  Lots of tourists and local come to this cafe everyday for beautiful pictures. But one of my favorite things about this place is its special menu – sweet butter beer! As the name suggests, it delivers the sweetness and dairy flavor of butter, but unfortunately, no alcohol 😉 The beverage is actually caramel coffee, but it keeps making you want more after every sip. The price is a bit high as 8,500won,but it is reasonable for free background of Hogwarts academy for your pictures. You can also try the cheese pretzel with just 3,500won.

Address: 417 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul (Hongdae area)




Besides from those above, you can also try some other kinds of desserts such as Indian desserts at Namate – the Nepal restaurant near Dongmyo station, giant ice creams at Arc.N.Book bookstore in Uljiro 1-ga station.

Enjoy your sweet days in Seoul in a super sugary way!


Some information about me: Christie Pham

I’m a Vietnamese girl who lives in Seoul for 3 years. ‘Experience, creativity and passion’ are my

three words. I never hesitate to explore every corner of Seoul where not many people know about

and share my experiences with everybody. As an expat, there is no more interesting thing than

experience exotic and local things during your stay right? Check my Ig: bohogirl_christie for more

food and travel information ^^


XT (Christie Pham)


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