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Discover The East Sea From Muui Island

Discover The East Sea From Muui Island

Muui island is a small island, residing close to Incheon International Airport. With daily ferries sailing thee from Incheon, it’s the perfect way to get away from the busy city, while not having to spend hours travelling.



Nearby Muui island, there’s also 2 smaller islands that are worth a visit. Silmi island and Somuui island, both islands are connected to Muui island via a bridge. Making the two islands easily accessible, with only a 10 minute walk across the bridge.


The Muuido Village Bus, will take you from Keunmuri dock to Gwangmyeonghang port. During the ride, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the East Sea. The trip takes about an hour, and costs 1,000 KRW for the ride.



Muui island is also home to Hanagae and Silmi beach, two popular destinations for travellers and locals. Where you can rent a hut, or setup your own tent. During the low tide, you can reach Silmi island by walking across the beach.


If you’re the hiking type instead, Hanagae island has Horyonggok mountain. Which is a popular hiking place, if you want to stay close to Seoul or Incheon. Hanagae is just a short 10 minute walk from Muui island, reachable from the bridge. The mountain offers and incredible view, of the islands and East see.


How to get to Muui island:

Take the subway Line 1 to Incheon station,

Change to bus #306 bound for Eurwang-ri, get off at Geojampo.

Walk to Jamjinnaru ferry terminal, signs will point to it.

Take the ferry to Muui island, which will cost you 2,000 KRW

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