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Discovering Daehangno: Seoul’s theater district

Discovering Daehangno: Seoul’s theater district

Daehangno is where you can feel youthful energy.

However, what really gives Daehangno its spirit is its culture. This is Seoul’s “theater district”, home to about 40 theaters, mostly small and medium sized spaces.

There’s plenty of history here, too, with various other reminders of Korea’s past.

Let’s take tour around Daehangno.

Things to see

1 . Maronnier Park




The heart of Daehangno, this urban park doubles as an outdoor performance space and you are likely to find some performance going on,  whether it be buskers or break dancers.

2. Daehangno Theaters



There are roughly 40 small and medium-sized theaters in Daehangno, largely centered around Maronnier Park. These theaters host a wide range of mainstream and experimental drama and dance performances. Admission is usually reasonable.

3. Ihwajang



This Hanok architecture on the slopes of Mt. Naksan was the home of Rhee Syngman, Korea’s first president. It’s a beautyful place that now serves as a museum, but you need a reservation to visit.

4. Mt. Naksan




During Joseon Dynasty, Mt. Naksan marked the eastern boundary of the royal capital of Seoul. It is particularly pleasant at night, when the old walls are lit up. The view of downtown Seoul justify visit.

5. Colonial Architecture


Daehangno is home to several examples of colonial architecture. The most spectacular is the old Daehan Hospital, with its Baroque clock tower. Another lovely building is the old  National Industry Institute, a German-style wood hall.

Things to Eat

There are many places to eat throughout the Daehangno area. This theater and art district has many restaurants for people looking for a special place to eat. One can choose from Korean, Chinese, Western-style, or even Fusion style restaurant.

If you are looking for inexpensive dining, You can find an alley lined with affordable yet tasty restaurants in subway line 4, exit 4.


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