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Do you know Taean Bando?

Do you know Taean Bando?

Off to the West, By the sea of Korea is a very popular, slight unknown but highly interesting peninsula. All three sides of Korean peninsula each have their unique different kinds of beaches. The beaches around West Sea are pretty much mud flats and shallow. When you visit West sea, consult the timetable to know when the tide is in and out.

The mud flats near the West sea are particularly fun. There is little peninsula in West Sea, called Taean Bando. Bando is the Korean word for peninsula. There is some seriously nice beaches around the peninsula. At one beach you might see little crabs making holes in the sand, while going in and out of the hole they made constantly. An amazing sight to behold. You can see many other lifeforms walking around the mud flat. One other thing that could amaze you is the shape of mud that the wave left behind. I can’t explain how it works but when the ebb of the tide is coming in and you can see mud flat morphing into a wave like shape. Natural and totally beautiful.

The Coastline of West sea is home to many islands, little peninsulas, and beautiful little beaches. When you visit West sea of Korea, I recommend you don’t rush your trip.

A Beach Paradise 

Anmyeondo is one of largest islands in Korea and it was connected with the main land a long time ago. During the Jeoseon era, a canal was cut through to let boats pass. There is also a lodging area in the forest about 2 kilometers south from the entrance to Ggotji Beach. A must see is taking in the the famous sunset at Ggotji Beach, which is regarded as the best without question on the west coast. Photographers endlessly come to the beach to get the best shot possible of the sunset with the“Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks” as the focal point.

Getting There 

If you intend to go by car,  get on the Seohaean Expressway to the Dangjin Interchange, take highway 32 to Taean and then follow roads 634 and 603 to Hagampo. For Mallipo, stay on highway 32, and for Anheung and Anmyeongdo, take road 649 at Seosan. From Taean to Anmyeondo, take roads 40 and 649. A Navigation system will help you out quite a bit.

Going by bus, you should note that buses leave Nambu Bus Terminal in Seoul every 20 to 30 minutes for Taean and it takes around 2 hours and 20 minutes depending on traffic.

For Galeumi Beach, follow highway 603 towards Anheung Port, and then turn left. It is difficult to find the signpost. Keep your eyes glued to the road and drive safe.

Local Specialty 

Taean blue crabs have a thick shell and are light blue in color tone. Get your hands on a bowl of spicy blue crab soup and enjoy the delicacy enjoyed by the fishermen. The season to catch blue crabs is until the end of May. For those who prefer mild tastes, some restaurants offer steamed blue crab. 

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