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Exotic mood in Yeonnam-dong

Exotic mood in Yeonnam-dong

Exotic mood in Yeonnam-dong

Hongdae is probably one of the most famous place in Seoul. Well-known for its shops and nights activities, the area is often crowded and very dynamic so it can be sometimes difficult to find the good places to relax or chill but don’t worry I will show you how to spend an exotic night there.

What you got to know about Hongdae is that there are different kind of atmosphere depending on what you are looking for. Yeonnam-dong is the perfect place for artists and designers. In this odd labyrinth of narrow and sifted streets you can find so many elegant coffee places and different non-korean restaurants. I guess the best way to start discover this part of Yeonnam is to stop at some of those restaurants to be feel this particular atmosphere.

Thus, I would deeply recommend to stop at the japanese restaurant called 일식탁(Il Sik Tak) which is located in 27-19 Donggyo-ro 38-gil. If the menu seems to be short and does not offer lot of possibilites, on the other hand, the quality and taste of the food is simply amazing. What is really surprising about that place is that we do not feel like eating in a japanese restaurant but a sort of mix of japanese and european culture. During the dinner, you will even hear some European classical music mixed with jazz and chill music.

After visiting this area more deeply, I would suggest that you stop at some coffee places. There is a small Vietnamese coffee place called 루온루온(Ruolluon) and located 20 Donggyo-ro 38-gil.

The great thing about this coffee is the chilling atmosphere and the kindness of waiters. We seem to be in a different place than South Korea for a moment with the atmosphere and vietnamese music. The best way to enjoy the place is to take a coffee like the coconut ice coffee. Its always refreshing to discover new coffee taste and exotic ideas. The disposition of the tables and seats is pretty original and very different from usual coffee although it can be a bit unconfortable at first.

Among the coffee places and restaurants, you may also find vintage and second-hand shops with very unique style. There are a few differents shops according to your style so it will be hard for me to recommand any places here !

Later in the night, you can take rest in central park and enjoy a new atmosphere there. You can also meet new people and have a drink with them. Enjoy your visit in Yeonnam-dong !

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