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5 Flea Markets in Seoul You Should Not Miss

5 Flea Markets in Seoul You Should Not Miss

Usually flea markets are closed during the winter due to the cold, and will re-open when the weather gets warmer in Spring. And the most popular one where visitors usually visit is Hongdae Free Market. However, do you know that there are other flea markets that are worth a visit too?

1. Hongdae Free Market

Every Saturday from March to November (depending on the weather), Hongdae Free Market opens at 1pm. Rather than seeing second hand goods, you will find many unique items which are handcrafted by college students. Ranging from bags and hats with original, hand-painted designs to shoes and cute keychains. You will also find artists drawing portraits as well as street music performers. What’s different from other flea markets is that Hongdae Free Market is filled with one-of-a-kind handmade goods that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!


2. Daehangno Philippine Market

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Every Sunday, you may see loads of Filipinos gathering in Hyehwa-dong with their friends at the Philippine Market. Not only they sell groceries from Philippines, they even have books, and CDs too! If you are keen to experience a different culture in Seoul, then, Hyehwa-dong’s Philippine Market is the place you should visit! They are open from 12pm to 6pm on Sundays. You also get a chance to try some Philippine cuisine here at a cheap price too!


3. Seocho Flea Market


Seocho Flea Market is located in front of Sadang Station, Subway Line 2 & 4. It opens on Saturdays and is one of the largest flea markets in Korea that sells all types of used goods. However, DON’T come with an empty stomach as they don’t sell any food here. The goods here are sold as low as 500 won for a bag, and 1,000 won for a T-shirt. Not only that, they also sell electronic goods, antiques, and everyday goods. The nearest place to find food will be the Yangjae’s market located just right across from Seocho market.


4. Gwanghwamun Flea Market


If you’re on your way to Gyeongbokgung Palace, you should drop by at the Gwanghwamun Flea Market. Though located at a tourist spot, this market surprisingly hasn’t gained a lot of popularity yet. The market is opened from 11am until 4pm every Saturday.


5. Night Flea Market – Bling & Platoon


Every first Saturday of the month from 8pm to 12am, this market attracts the creative minded and those who are into hippy style people. If you are there early enough, you’ll be able to find some really cool items. That says they only put on sale a limited number of items. Have a hard time looking for the place? Try spotting the long line which usually formed outside the entrance door. Though the prices here are not as cheap as you may find at other flea markets.

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