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The food joints you must seek out in Sinchon

The food joints you must seek out in Sinchon

Sinchon is located towards the northern part of Seoul and is home to some major universities such as Yonsei, Sogang and Ewha. So therefore Sinchon is considered a hangout spot for youngsters. You can’t turn a corner here without seeing food of some sort. It really is in abudance. It’s all just a matter of picking the right one. There is loads of meat restaurants, dessert cafes, normal cafes, pubs, street food and honestly it will be hard to pick what is for dinner since there is too much to choose from. Enjoy the dilemma!

Bok Sung Gak

Bok sung gak is thee number one Chinese restaurant you can find in Sinchon in my opinion. This place is worth checking out cause of the various dishes on the menu. It has over 40 differents kinds of noodle and rice dishes and even assorted dishes for you to share (or not).

The most popular dishes are Jajang Myeon (Noodles with black sauce) and Tang Soo Yook (pork fried with sweet n’ sour sauce). If you haven’t tried these before, you should give it a go and this place is the perfect starting point.

Though most small Chinese restaurants solely on delivery, This Chinese restaurant does not provide a delivery service. Instead, it provides high quality food with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Bok sung gak has lots of tables but it would be wise to expect a lot of people there. If you go to Bok sung gak on the weekends at peak times, you might need to join the waiting list. Price for the dishes: Noodle/Rice dishes are 4,000won to 7,000won and Assorted dishes are 15,000won.

To get there, From exit 3 of Sinchon station. Walk straight towards Paris Baguette. Take the backroad from here and keep walking until you see the Sauna. Bok sung gak is right beside this building.


Perhaps the best beef restaurant in Sinchon. This place is just a simple restaurant and is nothing fancy for it looks. But Sodojeok is famous for serving good quality beef at decent prices. The sauce and salad that comes out with the beef suits the beef right down to the ground.DSC08197

If you want to taste the different parts of the beef, Then considering the set menu would be a smart move. Though its quite a popular restaurant, the actual size of the place is small. Therefore depeneding on the hour you go, expect to wait in line for a bit. Especially on the weekends and the evening time is particularly busy.

The menu is as follows:

  • Set A/B (2 people) about 31,000won
  • Galbisal (boneless rib) 10,000
  • Chadolbaegi (thinly sliced beef brisket) 10,000
  • Anchangsal (beef skirt steak) 13,000
  • Kot Galbisal (bonless rib) 13,00011311468_157562371254656_664217487_n

To get here, Get off at Sinchon Station and come out of exit 3. Go straight towards Yonsei until you see a big church, Turn right in front of the church into the small road and walk straight for just 1 block. Sodojeok will be on your right.

Maetdol Soondubu

If you are craving a great tofu soup, then this place should be on your radar. Maetdol Soondubu has various kinds of Tofu soup on the menu. You can enjoy the likes of Seafood tofu soup, Beef tofu soup, Pork tofu soup, Dumpling tofu soup, Kimchi tofu soup, Oyster tofu soup and Crab tofu soup.

The dish comes out in a hot stone pot to keep the soup hot while you enjoy the tofu soup. Don’t forgot to crack the raw egg on the table onto your soup. You can get rice with any tofu soup order. Make sure to choose the correct spicy level or you can man up and see what your limit is. And it is ok to ask for a less spicy tofu soup.

Also on the menu is spicy pork, grilled macherel, deokgalbi, naengmyeon and spicy galbijjim.

Finding this place is quite easy with it being close by to the U-plex. You will see lots of people in this area. Oh, and this place is 24/7.

The menu is:

  • Tofu soup 7,000 – 8,000won
  • Tofu soup and spicy pork 10,900won
  • Tofu soup and deokgalbi 10,900won
  • Tofu soup and Grilled macherel 10,900won

A better way to get there would be to get out at exit 1, walk to the corner of Café Natuur , turn right and keep walking straight for at least 2-3 blocks. You will see it on your left.

Hwangso Gopchang

This place is very famous and popular. It has been alive and kicking for over 60 years.

Gopchang consists of grilled instentines of either cattle or pork, and this places offers you the chance to eat several parts of the instentines like gopchang (small bowel), Daechang (large bowel), Makchang, Yang and Beoljipui. Each part is uniquely different in taste.  Daechang is soft and has a creamy texture while Gopchang is chewy and a bit tougher. Since the meat is from cattle, prices are a bit on the expensive side. But very fresh and tasty. Give it a go if you have the courage.

The menu is:

  • Gopchang 12,000won
  • Daechang 12,000won
  • Makchang 15,000won

Side menu:

  • Fried rice 2,000won
  • Mushrooms 2,000won

To get there, Come out of exit 2 at the subway station and go straight about 150 metres. Turn left at T-world (SKT phone shop) and keep walking straight for 3 minutes. You will see the restaurant on the left.

Baobab Story

If you are craving Ddeokbokki and a buffet at the same time, then this is for you. All for the small price of 5,900won.

We all know that Ddeokbokki is a popular street food. At Baobak Story, you can enjoy this snack as a meal. There is 27 kinds of ingredients and 6 sauces for you to sample and snack on. You can get 2 different kinds of rice cakes, eggs, odeng, some fried food, noodles and various veggies.

There is even some fried rice you can have with any sauce you have left over with kimchi and seasoned seaweed.

Hell, even ice cream and cookies for dessert!? Are you still not convinced?

The menu is:

  • Ddeokbokki buffet 5,900won

Side menu:

  • Mozzarella Cheese 2,000won
  • Seafood 2,000won
  • Chadolbaegi (beef brisket) 3,000won
  • Drinks 1,000 – 1,5000won
  • Beer 3,500 – 4,000won

To get there, Come out of exit 2 and like the directions for Hwangso Gopchang, follow the road till you get to T-world phone shop and then you take a left and walk 3 blocks. Baobab story is on your left.

This is just some suggestions as to what you can try whenever you come to Sinchon, Honestly there is such a selection of food on offer in Sinchon, It would be understandable if you got distracted on your way to one of these restaurants. Being a student are usually, Sinchon is pretty busy to try to not get flustered by it and lost your direction.25029_2-550347_12318

If you have any suggestions as to must eat places in Sinchon, please make sure to share. New restaurants are constantly going up and coming back down. Make sure to take a picture of your trip to any of these places and upload to them to social media and tag us here at Kimchee guesthouse. Watch out for the weather recently, bring your umbrella and keep dry. And please wash down all that delicious food with some soju or milky makgeolli.

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