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Order one drink for some pictures? Just come, take some photos and leave at these places!


[Beautiful products, beautiful spaces]

If you are typing “Instagramable café in Seoul” or “Instagram-worthy coffee shops in Seoul” on Google and hoping for a ‘spot to hang with friends this weekend, this post is for you!

Being a newbie to the Instagram world, posting constantly good contents on my feed is quite important to gain more followers. Therefore, I never stop searching for beautiful and thematic coffee shops and restaurants where I can take unique pictures which can interest my followers. I would love to visit a nice and unique café for some new drink experiences and good pictures, but sometimes it is a bit costly if you have to do it every week. In this blog, I would love to share with you some tips to get Instagram-worthy pictures without having to pay for an Americano that taste the same with what you can make at home!

In South Korea, everything is about beauty. You can find K-beauty products everywhere, and they are all pretty! A blusher made-in-Korea could look like a cookie, a bar of chocolate or a cute little candy. With a high standard in beauty, everything you find here should be unique and beautiful from the packages to the contents and labels. As being said, you could be amazed at how much attention Korean owners paid to the decoration and interior of a fashion shop or a cosmetic store in South Korea.

[Check-in Culture and your chance for free pictures]

One of the things I like the most about Korea is that you never get a black look if you don’t buy when coming into a store. In fact, some Korean owners and staffs would even be very happy when you take pictures in their stores and share them on your social media with a tag! The check-in culture is popular in Asian countries, which means you pay a visit to a trendy place to take pictures and share them on your social media as a trendy act. As a good chance for me, I never stop spending my time to explore various colorful shops in Seoul.

My pictures were taken in a cosmetic shop called Banila Co. which is located in COEX center near Samsung station. The brand put a lot of efforts on creating a fabulous space for customers to try on the products and check-in on the spot. The staffs were also very friendly to us when we come to take pictures even without buying products. What is better than shopping and taking great pictures at the same time? This is also a good investment way for free store promotion contents created by their own customers and visitors.

Aside from Banila Co, you can also visit Style Nanda Pink Hotel in Myeongdong or Arc N Book Bookstore at exit 2, Uljiro-1ga station as I showed in the pictures. And if you are good at exploring, I believe you could find more and more interesting places easily in this beautiful city –Seoul.


Some information about me: XT (Christie Pham)

I’m a Vietnamese girl who lives in Seoul for 3 years. With the hobby of experience new things in South Korea, I never hesitate to explore every corner of Seoul where not many people know about. As an expat, there is no more interesting thing than experience exotic and local things during your stay right?


XT (Christie Pham)


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