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Look around Gangnam : Gangnam City Tour Bus (Trolley Bus)

Look around Gangnam : Gangnam City Tour Bus (Trolley Bus)

Look around Gangnam : Gangnam City Tour Bus (Trolley Bus)



Have you ever seen an European-style Trolley bus in Gangnam areas?

It’s a Gangnam City Tour Bus covering popular tourist attractions in Gangnam including Bongeunsa Temple, Apgujeong Rodeo Street, Garosu-gil Road, and COEX in Gangnam.


gctb trolley gctb inside

I want to recommend Gangnam City Tour Bus because it’s the best way to look around the hottest place in Korea, Gangnam!


Where is Gangnam?

First of all, you should need to know about Gangnam areas. With the name literally meaning ‘South of the river’, Gangnam is a mainly commercial area located south of the Hangang River.

The district is lined with a dazzling array of shops selling everything from expensive designer items to unique vintage clothes. The young and fashionable gather here in force, and celebrity sightings are common.

gangnam shopping shopping

gangnam tour2



Route Information

gctb map

Gangnam City Tour Bus, offering 2 routes – Pink line and Blue Line. Each line has different routes and routines. You can choose just 1 route or all of them.


[PINK] – About 40 minutes

gctb pink

  1. Gangnam Tourist Information Center → 2. Garosu-gil → 3. Gangnam Station → 4. Yeongdong Market → 5. Sinsa Station → 6. Garosu-gil → 7. Gangnam Tourist Information Center

* PINK LINE will be departed in front of Gangnam Tourist Information Center Parking 100m away from exit No.6 of Apgujeong Station, subway line 3.


[BLUE] – About 50 minutes
gctb blue

  1. Apgujeong Rodeo Street → 9. Cheongdam-dong Fashion Street → 10. Cheongdam-dong Sageori → 11. Bongeunsa Temple → 12. COEX → 13. Samseong Station → 14. Seven Luck Casino → 15. K-star Road

* BLUE LINE will be departed across from Gangnam Tourist Information Center_in front of Kukdong Sports Center 300m away from exit No.5 of Apgujeong Station, subway line 3.


Ticket Purchasing

You can get a ticket at Gangnam tourist information center ticket booth, on the Internet or every City Tour Bus stops. Credit cards that are issued inside and outside of country or cash(USD, KRW, JPY, CNY) are available.



Equipped with 16 wide and comfortable seats as well as WiFi service, the bus has a video on demand system in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese for each passenger.


gctb inside4 gctb inside3


It would be interesting, convenient and comfortable. Make a precious memories in Gangnam, with Gangnam City Tour Bus!

If you need further details, visit Gangnam Tourist Information Center ( or the trolley bus official website (

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