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Geoje Island : The Second Largest Korean Island

Geoje Island : The Second Largest Korean Island

Geojedo (Geoje Island) is the second largest island in South Korea, right after Jeju island. Geodedo is located near Busan, making it easily reachable, by using public transport.

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Geojedo is a historically significant island, as each year there’s a memorial for General Lee Sun-Shin. Which are held at the Okpodaecheop Memorial Park, which was built in memorial of the battle of Okpo. Geojedo was also home to the biggest prisoner of war camp, during the Korean war. The camp has been restored as a historic relics site.


Geojedo is also home to some of the most popular places to visit in the South Sea, namely Haegeumgang, Mongdol Beach and Oedo Island Paradise Island.


Oedo has become a very popular spot due to the more than 3000 decorated trees, along with the mediterranean style buildings which reside on the island. The island has also become a popular filming destination for Korean dramas, because of the exotic atmosphere and sea the island has.



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How to get there:

From Seoul:

Nambo express bus terminal, take the bus to Jangseungpo Intercity bus terminal

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