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Geumjeong Cable Car in Busan :: Get the Best View of Busan

Geumjeong Cable Car in Busan :: Get the Best View of Busan

Geumjeong Cable Car in Busan :: Get the Best View of Busan

Cable Car to Cut the Heat!


Busan is a pleasure for hikers, but if you’re like me, a little lazy, then check out Geumjeong Mountain! You can ride a cable car up the tough part, and then just hike down. Or you can even take a bus down to Oncheonjang.

Geumjeong Cable Car is located at the bottom of Geumjeong Mountain in Oncheonjan near the Dongnae foot spa. An adult round trip ticket is 9,000w and 6,000w for a one-way ticket.  From the top of the hill you can eat lunch at the top of the cable car, hike around to the various old gates and watch towers, or even walk to Geumjeong Fortress Village and find wonderful black goat and duck restaurants. From the village you can easily catch a bus down either side of the mountain to Hwamyeong or Oncheonjang.

As your ride the cable car up you can see all around Busan; you can see Gwanganli bridge, Sajik stadium, Yong-do, and right out to the ocean. Once you get off the cable car you can hike to the peaks where you can even see down the other side of the mountain range across the Nakdong river and out to the new Busan harbor. The potential for hiking and photos is limitless once you’re on the mountain and there are some many possibilities that it’s a day trip that should be taken more than once.

It’s a great day to bring kimbap, and makoli; or your snacks of choice. Alternatively there are a few food options at the top station of the cable car. Or the food in Geumjeong village is absolutely amazing (though can be quite pricey at the black goat and black duck are quite rare and a delicacy). Geumjeong Sansoeng makoli must be consumed with whatever you choose to eat. It’s one of my favourite makolis; it’s a little sour and very tart so some people prefer to push a splash of lemonade (Korean cider) with it to soften it.

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