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Gimhae Rail-bike with Wine and Cheese Please

Gimhae Rail-bike with Wine and Cheese Please

Gimhae Rail-bike with Wine and Cheese Please

Want a cool place to escape the heat this summer?

The wine tunnel at Gimhae Nakdonggang Rail Park is a consistent temperature all year round in order to preserve the wine; which was much better than expected! Get there early, ride the rail bike, and then relax in the wine tunnel with wine and cheese.

Gimhae Nakdonggang Rail Park is accessible from Gimhae via public transport. A tour or a rental car can definitely cut down travel time, but then you can’t all enjoy the wine! Why not make a day of it?

The rail bikes are four-seater bikes that are pedal propelled along a rail course; sorry, not turning options. The course takes passengers over and across the impressive Nakdong river; the longest river in South Korea. It is not strenuous to get the bikes moving and you can take intermittent breaks as your momentum will keep the bikes moving. After crossing the beautiful bridge that straddles the river, the bikes reach a turnaround point and begin heading back toward the wine.

Back at home base there is a cafe and a few photo ops before you plunge into the cool dim of the tunnel. There are various packages for wine by the glass or bottle, coupled with cheese platters and other snacks. Those romantics among you will also find some lovely couple-styled photos settings at the end of the tunnel. For realists there is an amazing collection of photography from around Korea littered along the tunnel.

Ticketing varies from a basic rail bike only ticket for two (15,000w) to the rail-wine package (16,000w for two); larger groups also receive discounts.


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