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Going Makgeolli in rainy day: Korea’s Traditional Alcohol

Going Makgeolli in rainy day: Korea’s Traditional Alcohol

Makgeolli is a traditional Korean alcohol which is made from fermenting streamed rice flour, glutinous rice and flour by adding yeast and water. Since Makgeolli has became famous worldwide, you may heard of it.

Makgeolli was consumed primarily by farmers or laborers after a day in the field. As of late, however, the drink has gained a wider following among younger generations of Koreans. Also, the alcohol offers several health benefits, containing various kinds of vitamins.

With an alcohol content of 6-7 %, Makgeolli’s alcohol by volume is higher than beer, but about three times lower than Soju.


Recently, many drinking establishments have taken into mixing Makgeolli with fruity flavors, resulting in a rainbow of eye-catching Makgeolli cocktails.

How to Enjoy Makgeolli

Refreshing taste



Nokdu jeon and pork belly steak are great side dishes for makgeolli. Pajeon(spring-oonion pancake) and kimchi stew are another good side dishes for makgeolli.

Makgeolli on rainy days


Korean usually enjoys Makgeolli the most when it rains. There is no special reason but it is a kind of custom.

Emotionally, Koreans have a tendency to crave Makgeolli when in rains. Because it tastes much better and the oil from the Pajeon smells great.

Makgeolli tastes best when you stir it


It is common that stirring Makgeollit each time they poured it in the cups. These days, young people don’t stir the cloudy white portion at the bottom before drinking, because that white portion mainly causes hang over. However, Makgeolli tastes best when you stir the cloudy white portion into the rest of the drink.

Makgeolli pubs



When Korean think of a Makgeolli house, it is usually an old pub with Makgeolli filled in a yellow kettle, but nowadays there are many atmospheric Makgeolli houses. Also, it is good to see how Makgeolli comes in a variety of containers, such as glass bottles.

If you are not familiar with Seoul’s locations, then you will find many Makgeolli pubs in Insa-dong and Samcheong-dong. Also, there are famous alley for Makeolly around Hoegi station, around Kyung Hee University, Seoul.

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