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The Gyeongridan Street Gems You Must Check Out

The Gyeongridan Street Gems You Must Check Out

Once a unknown neighbourhood, Gyeongridan Street has rises up to become one of Seoul’s most trendy streets around. The meaning of “Gyeongridan” is finance corps. Which comes from the now obsolete name for the Korean Army’s central accounting unit. Today Gyeongridan street stretches from Noksapyeong station all the way to Seoul Hotel. Its a great spot for kicking back and taking a breather from the crowds. The ambiance is great and the delicious food on offer in the trendy restaurants will be too alluring.

Galo Halo (갈로할로):

This spot offers chicken skewers to go. Its a hole in the wall establishment so keep a keen eye out for it. There is 4 ingredients for you to choose from which are all made from Korean ingredients which give them a unique kick. For the price of 3,500won ~ 3,800won for a special kind of skewer, I wouldn’t mind paying that. The beer on tap is 3,800won and mojitos are 4,300won. The BBQ pork skewers come recommended.The Gyeongridan Street Gems You Must Check Out


Located on Churros Street,  This Kitchen Pub specializes in American cuisine such as burgers, hot dogs, shakes, fries and even cotton candy. The soft bread patty that comes with the burgers make the burgers pretty darn special. And quite cheesy too. The cocktails too are worth your attention if you are into that. Most stuff on the menu cost from 7,000won to 15,000won. The vibe of the joint is casual and neat. The cheesesteak too is mouthwatering. Expect to leave a few lbs heavier.5bey

Magpie Brewing Co, (맥파이):

Magpie is a local craft beer company with arguably the best breweries in Seoul and have some really incredible pizza. The 3 beers that they are famous for are – potter, pale ale and copper ale. And there is seasonal beers too to enjoy throughout the year. The place is chill and is great from a cold beer. Right across from this place is a ping pong bar even for those who enjoy beer pong. This place is popular and has limited seats so either get there early or expect to wait for a bit. You can find Magpie Brewshop behind The Baker’s Table. Magpie Basement is across the alley from the Brewshop. The hours are different for each spot. The Brewshop’s opening hours: Tue – Sun 3-1opm and the Basement is open Tue – Sun 5pm – 1am. The beers cost around 5,000won to 6,000won and the food is around the same. The Pale Ale is the drink of choice for most patrons who go there.magpie

Taco Chilli Chilli (타코칠리칠리):

A Mexican food joint found on Gyeongridan Street. There is branches in Garusogil and Gangnam too. From tacos to enchiladas, There is a variety of food on offer with a selection of meats such as: beef, pork, chicken, fish and veggie. The spiciness level of your food is up to you. The taco costs 3,000won to 5,000won. The Enchilada is 9,000won. Burritos and Fajitas go for about 6,000won to 8,500won. The Chorizo Burrito is killer. Close by to Noskapyeong Station.taco

Nowa Polish Pottery (노바):

Handcrafted beautiful, cobalt blue ceramics from the Boleslawsic Region in Poland. An Area famous for its master artisans. Praised as the best quality of color, design and utility. Though they look the same, no 2 products are the same. Look closer and you will see what I am talking about. From tableware to ornaments, There is easily over 2000 products on the shelves for customers to peruse. A really beautiful Polish pottery shop.noba

Kkaolie Pochana (까올리 포차나):

This place has the best thai food on its menu. The color of the décor will remind you of Khao San street in Thailand if you have ever been lucky enough to have gone there. The atmosphere too is great and pleasant. The smells of the sweet and sour spices fill the and make your eye twitch cause you can’t eat the food as soon as you order. The waiting can be a killer. This place comes strongly recommended for all Thai food lovers. To name a few of the items n the menu, you have; thai  soup with shrimp, fried rice with crab, panang curry to name a few. The price range is 8,000won to 13,000won. You are gonna enjoy your experience here!pochana

Mafia Kitchen (마피아 키친):

This is one of the hottest and most popular places out there currently. An Italian home-style restaurant run by 2 young chefs who continually put forward top notch dishes using only the most freshest of ingredients. The Menu is quite simple and small but thanks to that the quality of food is higher. There is 3 appetizers, 2 kinds of pasta and main dishes with pork, chicken and whelk. The taste of any one dish is amazing. Bring your friends with you to enjoy this joint that much more. Expect to pay 13,000won and upwards for dishes. The tomato sauce is ohhhh so good!mafia

El Grecos (엘그레코스):

This spot offers the best Greek and Mediterranean food in Seoul. A tiny bistro of just 8 tables. The menu is packed full of goodies. Which has falafels and gryo, and you can have a set menu or plate menu. The bread used for the pita is supplied by a local bakery,”The Bakers Table”. This place is a great first entry into Greek food. The price of stuff on the menu goes from 8,000won up to 15,000won. The Greek fries are addictive. The food might take some time to come out but the wait is worth it. Try the Tzatziki if you are up for something new.elgrecos

The Booth (더부스):

A recently popular establishment for both locals and expats. This pub is famous for being opened by a former English Economic journalist, Daniel Tudor. Who, after tasting Korean beer and decided that it was just plain tasteless and did nothing for him. And for that reason, He settled down in Seoul and opened his own craft beer. There is 3 craft beers: Bill’s Pale Ale, Weizen and Stout. Along with homemade pizza on the menu too. The price of everything on the menu is favourable and the staff are all English friendly. There is also other branches of the booth in Gangnam, Bangbae and even Haeundae in Busan. The craft beer is around 5,000won ~ 7,000won. A slice of pizza is 3,500won and a whole one will cost you 18,000won.thebooth

Monster Cupcake (몬스터 컵케이크):

If you love your cupcakes and also love one of a kind, intriguing designs on your cupcake based on monsters. Monster from famous TV shows and movies like “Seasame street” and “The nightmare before Christmas”. The shop itself isn’t big but delivers in a big way with its original English icing and great style. Very delicious and the price is decent. A cupcake is 4,00won and a cuppa of coffee is just 4,500won. Better to get there early as they have been known to sell out quick. If you go in the evening, then you will have to deal with a smaller selection to choice from. Peanut Butter is particularly delicious.cupcake

This is only a small slice of what Gyeongridan Street has to offer visitors. Make sure to go there on an empty stomach and be ok leaving with a few extra pounds for you to carry home, though your wallet will be much lighter in return.


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