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Haeundae Beach: The hottest place in summer

Haeundae Beach: The hottest place in summer

Haeundae Beach is the most well-known beach in the country. Since Haeundae Beach is located right in the city of Busan, it is extremely popular and is always packed with vacationers. In peak season, about five hundred thousand people visit there just in a day.


Haeundae Beach opens from June 1st to September 9th, 2015. About 1.5 km beach are stretched along the beach. And you can find a number of luxury hotels and restaurant all along the coast.


To borrow beach umbrella and swimming suit conveniently, use ‘Smart Beach’ placed all around the beach.

【부산=뉴시스】 하경민 기자 = 4일 오후 부산 해운대해수욕장 인근 구남로에서 열린 '물의 난장'에 참가한 피서객들이 공연을 구경하며 물싸움을 하고 있다. 2013.08.04.

There are many accommodations from  guest houses to luxury hotels. As the fees cost high during holiday, it is better to make a reservation in advance.


You can enjoy night life there, many clubs and bars. At night, the city transforms into wild city.


1. Dongbaek Island



Yon can take a stroll along the seashore in Dong Baek Sum. Along the nice path, you can enjoy the view of Gwangan Bridge and Haeundae beach. Also there is Nuri Maru APEC house.

2. Food District





Behind of Haeundae Beach, lots of food stalls are placed. Fresh seafood and street food will fill your energy. Milmyeon and Sundaegookbap are special food in Busan. Don’t forget to try these food!!

3. Dalmagi-gil road



Haeundae’s Dalmaji-gil road, which is located between Haeundae Beach and Songjeong Beach, is another recommended spot for a romantic view of the moonlight glistening off the water’s surface. And along the road, fancy restaurant are located. It is good to have a meal with fantastic night view.

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