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Hanbok Cafe

Hanbok Cafe

Hanbok, the Korean traditional clothing, is rarely seen on the streets as youngsters are not familiar with them.
However, now that there is cafes where you and your friends can try hanbok is becoming popular, people have more chances to get to understand and enjoy Korean traditions more.

The hanbok style of dress is an important part of Korean culture and tradition. Up until about a century ago the hanbok was worn daily but now it is only used for special occasions. Throughout history the different variations of hanbok dress distinguished levels of importance and power within society. Most commoners wore white and could only dress in colorful clothes during special celebrations or festivals. The upper class proudly wore bright colored hanbok pieces every day.

There is a lot one can do when in a hanbok cafe. Take for instance, You can take pictures of yourself in a hanok setting wearing a colorful hanbok, Korea’s traditional costume. Choose between the basic course, photo shoot course, makeup course, or total course. There are other courses that are more suited for families or couples. A wide variety of costumes ranging from those of Gisaeng (professional entertainers) such as Hwang Jin-yi or court cooks such as Daejanggeum. Make reservations before you visit the hanbok cafe just in case.


The entire cafe is usually decorated as a photo studio. There are a different studios showing Korean traditional houses and palaces in the cafe, so you can take pictures whenever you want. Even if you are shy, you can’t avoid having your picture taken while in this

After enjoying the photo shoot, you can relax with a cup of coffee or a beverage of your choice while chatting with your pals.123123

Price : Rent for Han-bok in the cafe 25,000~40,000KRW / Promotional Price 10,000~20,000KRW / Hair & make-up service 5,000 KRW / Coffee and beverage 6,000~8,000 KRW (prices can be different for each cafe)


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