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Haneul Park (Parque Céu)

Haneul Park (Parque Céu)


Haneul Park (Parque Céu) 




“Haneul” means sky in korean, which gives name to this grassland Park located in the World Cup Stadium area. It used to be a landfill and it had to go trough a recovery project.






I should mention that to get to the Park you will have to face over 400 stairs…. if you are in shape, it won’t be a problem. In case you are not, just take your time.




 IMG_3790 IMG_3817

IMG_3779 IMG_3829


Since 2000, around 30,000 butterflies were released in Nanjido Island, which is located in the middle of this Park. When you get there, you can find an observation platform, where you can enjoy a great view, Bukhansan and Namsan Mountains, the Han River and the modern buildings of Seoul.



IMG_9723 IMG_3846


The Park itself has a very pleasant atmosphere, which benches and resting areas. Also wooden made areas that you take of your shoes to get in and can arrange a picnic or just chill.




To get there, go to World Cup Stadium (Subway Line 6), exit 1. There are also buses that get there, like 271, 7733, 7011, 7013A and 7013B, getting out of Hongdae area.


It’s worth the visit!

You can check out the website (if you know some Korean):

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