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This stop is Hapjeong, Hapjeong Station

This stop is Hapjeong, Hapjeong Station

This stop is Hapjeong, Hapjeong Station 



Hapjeong is a neighborhood right after Hongdae. Actually, if you are walking around Hongdae, you can easily reach Hapjeong, as they merge at some point.


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It is a very nice area, full of nice and cozy cafes and different restaurants. Also there are some little nice shops where you can find pretty stuff.

It is pleasant specially for not being as crowded as Hongdae, but still with people circulating and enjoyable places to go to.



There is a two floor store that I specially like, also good for buying gifts to people you care. The name is “Object” and you can find all sorth of things, like candles, notebooks, bags, cups, clothes, accessories, etc.




If you get off at Hapjeong Station, exit 10, you can also explore the open mall over there.

If you are here for some time to make your groceries or if you just want to buy some Korean food to take to your country, you can go to Homeplus over there.

This open mall also has some good stores like Uniqlo and Muji, other than a few nice restaurants.


IMG_1864 IMG_1627

To go to the interesting and cozy area of Hapjeong, walk from Hongdae or just go to Hapjeong Station and get off at exit 3 or 4.









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