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When Healthy Is The Order Of The Day

When Healthy Is The Order Of The Day

Any restaurant that offers healthy options for breakfast, lunch or dinner is becoming more popular day by day. Yes, it is very still much in the minority but the effect of healthy eating on the general populace can be felt by most, especially the younger generation. Even if the price is a tad more expensive, most people these days really wanna know what they are putting into their bodies. And as always, Hongdae and the nearby areas are leading the way with healthy eating options in Seoul.

Daily Round (데일리 라운드):

A great place for veggie options. Especially the veggie burger. Handmade ones to be more exact. The milk is 100% organic, The bread is made totally from natural fermentation. And buttermilk with no additives. All the bread in store is made fresh daily.  They use natural wheat flour and other natural ingredients. You may not feel good eating, if you are not used to it but your mind and body will be thankful and you will feel the effects a bit later after eating. The bread here is good enough to be considered brunch. When you order your food too, expect a wait. Everything is made for order.  Nothing is pre-made. Handmade burger 7,500won – 10,500won. Salad 10,500won – 14,000won. Cake 5,500won – 6,500won. Drink 5,800won – 7,000won. The ocean’s heaven is worth a try. Said to be amazing. Located in the heart of Hongdae.deli-round

Makgugsu Natural Buckwheat Shabu Daegwallyeong (대관령메밀막국수자연샤브샤브):

Famous for its Buckwheat noodles, Buckwheat crepe and fresh ingredients. Expect a large quantity of mushrooms in your meal, since Daegwallyeong is an area known for its mushroom variety. The main dish here is Hansang Chalim (한상 차림) which comes with salad, bun, buckwheat noodles and meat. The meat stock here isn’t salty and so therefore you will kinda feel cleansed after eating it. The taste is good obviously but the meat stock makes the world of difference. You can either sit on chairs and enjoy your meal. Or go all Korean and take of your shoes, sit cross-legged legs on a cushion and enjoy your meal. Dishes start from 7,000won and upwards. The mushroom variety could be a pleasant surprise to you. Located in Yeonnam-dong.shabu

You Need My Yogurt (유니드마이요거트):

A yogurt café which sells only homemade yogurt. The portion is small but the taste is smooth and soft on your tongue. The interior of the café is white and blue which is harmonious. Which makes a small café look spacious to the customer. This is a perfect dessert after a heavy meal.  And as we all know, yogurt has many good benefits to enjoy. Depending on the weight of the yogurt, you can pay anywhere from 4,000won to 15,000won. Frozen yogurt is 4,500won – 8,000won depending on size. And yogurt smoothies are 6,000won – 8,500won. An all round well run yogurt café which deserves your attention whenever you are in Hapjeong.yogurt

Flour& (플라워앤):

This bakery uses only natural ingredients for its bread. The flour is organic, the yeast is natural which in turns makes for a super healthy and delicious bread. You can tell you are eating quality when you take a bite. The quiet atmosphere of the place is a good spot for a lunch date maybe. Recommended items to try include milk cream red bean bread, the exterior of the bread is smooth and the inside of the bread is sweet. The laviangbongbong bread is also a choice where you can’t go wrong. Made from choco bread and white cream. A very soft dreamy kind of cream awaits you. Prices range from 1,000won to 30,000won depending on the type of bread. The carrot cake and strawberry cake are both very popular with locals.flour

Blue Print (블루프린트): 

Found close by to Sangsu Station. This juice store will only serve drinks with 100% juice content. With no preservatives or syrup, so the shop guarantees you a real healthy drink that doesn’t wanna deceive you. The place itself is more of a takeout spot than a café but there is some seats available. The kitchen and prep area is kept to a high standard of cleanliness and all fruits are washed before being served. Since there is no artificial syrup in your drink, the taste doesn’t appear immediately but the lasting taste is more refreshing. There is sour green juices options available too. You have fresh fruit juice, fresh-aid, fruit tea, fruit cocktails and juice cleanse on the menu. Fruit juice is from 4,000won to 6,800won. Juice cleanse is 17,000won – 34,000won. Any item is recommended since its an healthy option.blueprint-jpg-large

Stroll Around Stop (어슬렁 정거장):

100% fair trade coffee is the name of the game here. And also organic foods. There is even surprisingly free consultation for your mental health. And even yoga and handicrafts there on the go as education programs. The restaurant uses domestic antibiotic free chicken, cow meat and domestic veggies, so healthy options galore. The diner is mostly for single diners, as you will see once you enter. The mind and body will feel at ease here though you are alone. The calm music help you with arranging your thoughts. The beef stew is 13,00won,  Tomato stew is 10,00won and The soup of the day is 6,000won. Overall, a perfect healthy option that doesn’t make you feel bad about enjoying a good meal. Oh! you can find it in Hongdae but a bit away from the centre.stroll

Molly’s Pops (몰리스팝스):

A famous dessert café that makes all of its own ice cream bars. Nothing is outsourced. Everything is made in-store. Natural ingredients are used such as fresh milk cream and coffee. There is various colours to choose from. At first, the ice cream bar does look hard but one bite and you will be melting faster than the ice cream itself. It is that soft. A small but well kept store awaits you. There is too many flavours to name but here is a few to wet your appetite: Mint chocolate chip, blue lemon, peach, mixed berry and so on. And one ice cream is only a cheap 3,500won.mollys

Salad Forest (샐러드숲):

Found nearby to Hongik University, this restaurant uses fresh locally grown veggies. On the menu, you have pasta salad, brown salad rice and more. The pasta is made of semolina with 100% organic durum wheat. The bread is made of black rice that is made of domestic rice, wheat, non-antibiotic eggs and organic sugar. There is blended tea options too that are made from seasonal herbs that come from Bongpyeong. The wood theme of the restaurant is quite welcoming.salad

All in all, anytime you are in need of a healthy fix and wandering around Hongdae and suddenly think you need to diet then this places should be given a moment of your time. Even as a 3 course meal (though you may have to walk to a new destination for each one) is kina appealing no? The bakery for the appetizer, the restaurant for the dinner and the café for dessert. A good way to cleanse your system is always welcome. Among all those meat restaurants there is healthy options out there just keep an eye out for them and make sure to read the fine print carefully. No syrup or preservatives for me, Thank you!

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