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Hongdae FREE MARKET : Art, culture and music

Hongdae FREE MARKET : Art, culture and music




This “Free Market” is a mix of art, culture, crafts, music and all kind of handmade things. It is free, maybe for being free to get in, and it’s not a ‘flea market’ because it is not about used or old stuff.

This market is an opportunity for new and young artists to show and sell their creative work.



2014061913296957_59_20140619132711 DSC_0208

It has been happening since 2002 on every saturday, from 1pm to 6pm, at the Hongik Playground, right in front of the University. Since it is an open air market, it doesn’t happen during the (very cold!) winter. You can check it out from march till november.

There are some artists that goes there every Saturday and sometimes there are new people, anyone can get in contact with and get more information on how to participate.



IMG_9184 hongdae3

In the corner of the playground, there is a small area with benches that surrounds a band. Pocket shows happens every Saturday, also a way of giving a chance for young musicians to perform. Each person or group gets about half an hour with a little box of tips to be given from the audience.

There is also a few people there that can make portraits or a caricature of yourself. Lots of Korean couples do it.



hongdae2 hongdae1


IMG_5011 IMG_5013

Some of the things you can find there: postcards made of pictures taken by the artist, amazing drawings made with nankin, beautiful handmade fan, wooden things, bags, dolls, keychains, costume jewelry, notebooks, porcelain made things and all sorth of creative things.



I specially liked two artists:

  • A french artist named Bruno, that makes really cool drawings with nankin. His website is
  • A korean girl named Jin, who makes volunteer work around the world and decided to make postcards out of her travel pictures to help raise money for her volunteering travels. Really delicate and pretty work. Her website is



It’s worth the visit. Recommended!

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