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In search of a peace of mind: Temple Stay

In search of a peace of mind: Temple Stay

What is a Temple Stay?


A Temple Stay is a cultural-experience program designed to help people understand Korean Buddhism better. Temple Stay offer various kinds of practicing methods such as Yebul (ceremonial service involving chanting), Chamseon (Zen meditation), Dahdoh (tea ceremony) and Balwoo Gongyang (communal Buddhist meal service).

As most temples are located deep in mountain valleys to maintain a sense of calm and quiet, participant can find their ‘true self’ in the harmony of nature.

In the fast pace of modern life, a temple-stay offers the chance to rest the mind and soul. The temple-stay program is gaining popularity, not only among the Korean locals, but also with foreign visitors.

Main Program


Devotional Chanting at Yebul, Ceremonial Service (Yebul)

Yebul is a ceremonial service to praise Buddha. This ceremonial service is held 3 times a day; in the morning, midday and evening helping to clear one’s mind.

Zen Meditation (Chamseon)


Chamseon is a form of meditation that allows a person to reflect on oneself. You can have the opportunity to experience stress-releasing benefits of meditation.

Communal Buddhist Meal Service (Balwoo Gongyang)


Balwoo Gongyang is a unique and special way of eating in Korean temples. At this communal meal practice the meal is eaten in total silence, and not a single grain of rice is wasted.

Tea Ceremony (Dahdoh)


Making and enjoying good tea is one of the practice of the Buddhist religion. During tea ceremony class, people will learn several ways to enjoy good tea.



Not only above programs, a guest will find many activities to choose from. These activities range from walking meditations through temple grounds, calligraphy practice, a traditional Buddhist meal ceremony, stone rubbing and beautiful hikes.

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