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Incheon Chinatown : The Real Chinese Taste in Incheon

Incheon Chinatown : The Real Chinese Taste in Incheon

Incheon Chinatown : The Real Chinese Taste in Incheon




Chinatown in Incheon was formed in 1884 after Incheon opened the port in 1883. The place is well-known for birthplace of ‘Jajangmyeon’.

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[Daechang Banjeom]

There are so many famous ‘jajangmyeon’ restaurants. Whatever the signboard like ‘The Qing jajang’, ‘A Century jajang’, they set themselves up as original but not jjambbong.

The white jjambbong from Daecheong Banjeom still has status as no.1 jjambbong. Daecheong Banjeom is a small chinese restaurant located in right side from the Gonghwachun. The chef keeps his place carrying on his  family line for 35 years from 1980s. The white jjambbong is the special menu that his grandfather had handed down. The big noodle mix well with seafood, pork and a variety of vegetables in milk soup with chicken broth. The taste is similar to Nagasaki noodle but it leaves more spicy aftertaste.


Location: Seonrin-dong 2904, Jung-gu, Incheon

Tel: 032-772-0937

Price: The white jjambbong 5000won, Samsun white jjambbong 7000won




[Different taste,  Shim-li-hyang Hwaduck dumpling]

You can experience a different taste of dumpling in Shim-li-hyang. Shim-li-hyang means that the beautiful smell spreads 10-ri(about 4km). They sell the traditional chinese pottery for Hwaduck dumpling. The dumpling is filled with meat and sweet potatoes, and baked in the hot pottery over 200 degrees. Of course, it has very different flavors with steamed or fried in water or oil. It tastes lighter and sweeter according to the fillings. The dumpling skin crunches like crackers, but the inside stimulates appetite with soft taste. People line up in front of the store to have it every day. You might not understand waiting over 10 minutes for it, but you will take it soon after tasting. Besides, this is only in Chinatown!


Location: Chinatown street 50-2, Jung-gu, Incheon

Tel: 032-762-5888

Price: Meat dumpling 2000won, Each of red bean, sweet potato, sweet pumpkin dumpling 1500won



[Original Bubble tea, Lunarssi Kitchen]

You can meet original taiwanese bubble tea in Lunarssi Kitchen. They has been selling the tea before Gongcha opens. Though it doesn’t harmonize with red surroundings in Chinatown, it is a good dessert to rinse out oily mouths. They boil tapioka firsthand every morning and brew the tea which is from Taiwan directly. The tapioka has soft but more chewy, the milktea is slightly bitter and stronger. In short, it’s quality! Also, tapioka is filled with almost half of a big glass. Total 7 kinds of bubble tea is available including black tea, coffee, green tea and blueberry not only traditional chinese tea.


Location: Chinatown 55street 6, Jung-gu, Incheon

Tel: 032-766-0734

Price: Jjeonjjunai tea 4500-7000won



[Whole New Dumpling, Wonbo Fried Dumpling]

Wonbo located in the center of Chinatown has an unconventional entrance. The handwritten sign ‘No Jajangmyeon’  is now translated into ‘Good enough for dumpling’. In the past, chinese used to make horseshoe-shaped dumpling on Chinese New Year’s day, the name ‘Wonbo’ originated from it. The menu is common such as King-sized dumplings, boiled dumplings, steamed dumplings, home-made dumplings, and half-hearted decoration on plastic plates and two kinds of sources are all. However, harmony between beef gravy and dumpling skin is perfect. Especially, re-grilling one-side skin flavour is wonderful. King and steamed dumpling is also glamourous but it’s quite spicy. The amount is also generous.


Location: Chinatown street 48, Jung-gu, Incheon

Tel: 032-773-7888

Price: Fried dumpling 4500won, King, steamed dumpling 4000won




[Chinese bakery, Dam]

I thought when I first met Gong-gal bread. ‘What the name is like this?’ (Gong-gal means blackmail) However, it turns out the name fall into place. Outside is full-faced but inside is empty. Gong-gal bread is chinese pancake. It tastes good not like its appearance. It is a very common snack in Chinatown, but the taste varies from one shop to another. Dam is absolutely trustworthy dealing only chinese bisquette. The store is also well-known for mooncakes. It’s nice and thick, cruching and deep strong taste. You will never grow tire of it.


Location: Chinatown street 37-24,4, Jung-gu, Incheon

Tel: 032-773-8800

Price: King-sized gonggal bread 2000won



[Yeon-gyeon Fried Chicken with Hot and Sour Soy Sauce]

Yeon-gyeong is one of the top 3 chinese restaurants in Chinatown. Each of floor is always busy with crowded people, so lining up is frequent. I also had waited for 15 minutes to have ‘The Qing Century Jajang’, but I doubt it’s worthy lining up. However, there might be something that is different with other chinese restaurant if you think former president used to visit the place. You’d better choose the traditional chinese food than jajangmyeon or jjambbong. If you feel uncomfortable Beijing duck course, I recommend you the Fried Chicken with Hot and Sour Soy Sauce. You can feel flavors from suitable fried chicken and sweet and sour sauce.


Location: Freedom park 13, Jung-gu, Incheon

Tel: 032-766-5551

Price: The Fried Chicken with Hot and Sour Soy Sauce 25000won

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