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Insadong and Ssamziegil Complex

Insadong and Ssamziegil Complex

Insadong and Ssamziegil Complex



Insadong is a very traditional neighborhood, full of tea houses, art galleries, souvenir shops, ceramics, sculptures, street food, etc.

In this area, you can also find the Ssamzie-gil Complex, which is a four floors building filled with stores, art, culture, snacks, restaurants and workshops.


IMG_1103 IMG_2769

As soon as you get in the Complex you will see a few caricature artists, in front of a stairway, where many people just chill.

If you are into crafts, there are some options of workshops downstairs, where you can do your own mug for about 25 bucks, for instance.

You paint or draw on it, than you have them finalize the work and deliver it to your place after a couple of weeks.


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At weekends, the main road is closed for cars, but there is still traffic…. of people! So even though is a really nice place to visit and enjoy, you might want to avoid the weekend if you can. As many other touristic places, the amount of people might influence the quality of the time spent there.

Along the main road, there are alleys in both sides that you can explore for tea houses, restaurants, cafes and galleries. It is all about tradition, all about Korea!



Insadong to me is art and beauty, it never gets boring. Must visit for a foreigner!


To get there, you go to Anguk Station (Subway Line 3) and get off at exit 6. If you go up to other side of the big road, you will be going towards another lovely area, called Samcheongdong.

You can also get there by going to Jonggak Station (Subway Line 1) and getting off at exit 3. There also many buses that stops in that area, depending on where you come from.

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