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Into nature, Damyang

Into nature, Damyang

Into nature, Damyang 

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If you are into nature and beautiful scenary, you should definitely go for this trip. However, it is not the closest place to go and probably not the best option if you are in town for a short time. The fastest way takes 3 and a half hours by bus or KTX to get to Gwanju, where you need to take a bus (40 minutes ride) to Damyang.

If you got the energy but a short time, you might do it in one day. But if you have the time, you can also plan a trip with more flexibility and maybe also include some other activities around, like the tea plantation in Boseong.


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Damyang is famous for being the city of bamboo trees. You should check out this amazing Bamboo Forest, the Jungnogwon Garden.

Opened in 2003, it contains an amazing dense bamboo forest with different themes walking paths. No doubt it is a very unique experience. You can relax while walking around the forest and have fun taking pretty pictures. You can also find inside the forest, bamboo flavored ice-cream!


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When you get out of the forest, you will cross the river and face to your left the Gwan Bang Je rim Forest. There, you can rent a bike (until 5pm) and enjoy a nice path on your way to the Metasequoia Road (signs will lead you there).

Metasequoia Road is just an incredible place to be, one of the most scenic spots in the city and considered one of the most beautiful roads in South Korea. It is 8.5 Km long and lined with metasequoia trees, which can get to 20 m tall. Biking along this route is probably the nicest experience. It has also been the setting of movies, dramas and commercials.


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Of course, as most of destinations around South Korea, Damyang has also specialties to offer. Don’t miss the tteokgalbi (marinated beef dish), juktongbab (rice in a bamboo mixed with other vegetables and steamed) and juksunhoe (a slightly boiled bamboo shoots), which are eaten as a side dish.




1) To get there:

  • From Yongsan Station to Gwangju :
    • Mugunghwa Train: 22 000 WON (one way) – 4h20 min
    • KTX: 35 000 WON (one way) – 3h

Plus: Take a bus from Gwangju Train Station to Damyang – bus 311 – 2,200 WON – 40 min ride


  • From Seoul Bus Terminal (Central City – Gangnam)

Express bus: 17 000 WON – 3h45 min



2) To the Jungnogwon Garden (Bamboo Forest): 2 000 WON


3) Bamboo Ice cream: 1 000 WON


4) To rent a bike at Gwan Bang Je rim Forest (until sunset): 5 000 WON


5) For a meal:

This may vary by restaurant, but at the famous Deogin-gwan, which is considered the most popular tteokgalbi restaurant, you can get tteokgalbi for 27 000 WON per person (including “banchan”/side dishes) and the bamboo rice for 11 000 WON (this will also include a soup). It is not the cheapest you can find, but it tastes really good.




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