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Introducing Hyeopjae Beach

Introducing Hyeopjae Beach

A quick look on Google after arriving in Jeju will quite possibly introduce you to the best beach in Jeju and all of Korea perhaps. The images of Hyeopjae Beach on Google will for sure persuade you into taking the walk to the beach since of its proximity to Jeju City and the white sand and turquoise waters are truly amazing. In person, its all that and more.image-photo-jeju-beach-guide-hyeopjae-beach

This white sandy beach is perfect for families with its shallow water, nearby facilities and camping in the pine forest surrounding the beach itself. Hyeopjae Beach is particularly known for its delicious abalones and conches, served fresh in the seafood restaurants scattered along the beach. With the glow of the setting sun from the beach is breathtaking. Biyangdo Island can be seen offshore. During summer, it is open until late at night.A-fisherman-wades-into-the-waters-of-Hyeopjae-Beach-on-Jeju-S.-Korea

It is highly recommend to check out Hyeopjae beach, locals and travellers who have been here will all tell you the same thing. It was my favourite beach and my friends favourite (for views) in Jeju. You can get there by bus likeby getting of at the Hallim Park bus stop, just after Hallim City. While you’re here, you can check out Halilm Park as well, it’s right across the street. And the other adjacent beach. Both are great for beach camping. Bring a tent!20130323-DSC_29321

This is a great place to spend the summer months away from the cities. This beach is very long and even a colorful shipping container village can be good for a stroll. These containers have been refurbished and painted with bright colours, and has everything from handcrafted ice cream stalls, to quirky hipster styled AirBnB apartments for travellers to this beautiful beach. It is easy to spend the majority of your time on this part of the island. Hallim Park, which is a combination of lava tubes and botanical gardens, is right across the street.img_0485

Plus, Geumneung Eutteumwon Beach is actually a separate beach from Hyeopjae, but it is located right beside it. If you go left of the main beach at low tide, you will see for yourself. Behind the dunes are some of the island’s best camping areas! I must emphasise the camping, So much fun and good to reset your body clock. Especially for night owls.

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