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Jeonju: Food, Beauty and Culture.

Jeonju: Food, Beauty and Culture.

Jeonju: Food, Beauty and Culture.




In the XI and X Century, Jeonju used to be the capital of Korea.

From Seoul, it takes about 3 and a half hours by regular train or car and 2 and a half hours by KTX (Korean Train eXpress – high speed train).


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Jeonju is probably most known for its food, among other things. It is also from Jeonju that the famous korean dish “Bibimbap” comes from.

“Jeonju Bibimbap” combines all kinds of vegetables, like bean sprouts, bellflowers, spinach, dropwort, mushrooms, etc with beef and other nutritious seasonings like sesame oil and red pepper paste.

The city is also known for the variety of side dishes, usually leaving no empty space on a table.




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But the food pleasure doesn’t end on the Bibimbap experience. Basically, all the other foods are also amazing, with plenty options of dishes and desserts. So many delicious options!

If you go in the weekend, the tourist area will be completly packed. All the restaurants, cafes and alcohol places will have lots of people and most likely a bit of a line.

But since time is really precious in korean culture, people eat, move and work fast. So don’t feel too reluctant to stay in line, your turn will come up and it will be worth the wait.



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Besides the good food, you can also enjoy some korean culture in this lovely city. The Traditional Korean Village (Hanok Village) is definitely a must specially if you haven’t had that experience anywhere else in Korea.

It is also possible to find traditional style accomodations if you want to experience how it was done in old times (sleepping in the floor way of living).



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Also, Jeonju is known for hosting some very interesing festivals. Like the “Jeonju Film Festival” in may, the “Jeonju Sori Music Festival” in october, “Jeonju Bibimbap Festival” also in october and many other related to art, paper and calligraphy.

It is a very cultural city that has a lot to offer and is without a doubt worth the visit.

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